Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Old Photo of the Day - Blackpool

Just a quick note to say I will probably be very sporadic in posting yet again. This month is FILLED with family and friends Birthdays and my Mum is having an operation on monday so I have to look after her and keep her supplied with cups of tea. 

To tide you over here's a couple of photos of me at age 14 (I think. Around then anyway) at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Yes it's true, I was once cool. And relatively slim.


  1. I love the mohawk...you look thrilled, lol. :)

  2. Awesome hair. That fountain is terrifying, what the hell?!

    Love to your mum x

  3. OMG you are just too cute in these pics! I die for your hair. I love when people post old pictures of themselves!

  4. Oh wow Lil, you look SO amazing, I love the hair, frock and hold ups - onya girl!!!! I hope your mum will be OK, she's lucky to have such a beautiful, caring daughter:))xoxox


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