Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mummy's Day!

That's me with Mummy Low (and also dogs sneaking into the photo). She'd hate me if she knew I'd posted this here, especially as she wasn't wearing makeup in the photo, but she doesn't read my blog so she'll never know! Mwa ha ha ha! (much evil laughter)

She is an amazing, wonderfully supportive, funny, clever woman and I love her so so much. She's always there to give me a cuddle and help dye my hair.

I've spent the day making her many cups of tea and a nice vegetarian roast dinner for us all.

Hope everyone's having a lovely day :)


  1. Awww I hope you all had a wonderful day. I LOVE your outfit - leopard print and pink tights, right up my street! :D

    1. very pretty dress perfect color. Thanks For Sharing us.

  2. Aww Mummy Low looks lovely even without a scrap of makeup on. She's got a very friendly face :)

    I love the leopard print dress too.

  3. Veggie roast sounds lovely, I hope she really enjoyed it and you both had a great day. :D

  4. I am generally not a fan of animal print, but that dress looks SO GOOD on you.

  5. I hope you had a great day! Mother's Day isn't until May in Oz, so I've got some time to come up with something nice to do for my mum.

  6. Hi Mummy Low! For mummies day I got my mum nail polish and muppets movies and we watched Priscilla Queen of the Desert and then we went to the pub :3 And that dress is awesome on you.

  7. What she doesn't know can't hurt her I guess, oh no! All that matters is that you brought her into the post out of sheer love and appreciation! This is your Mummy badge that you would wear all the time if it wasn't weird =) hehe

    Mmm vegetarian roast dinner.

  8. Secret blog posts, muahaha (sorry, I just love getting in on everyone's evil laughs)! Your mother is beautiful, BTW. <3

    Also, I dig your dress!

  9. Aww lovely picture, and I LOVE your outfit :D

  10. AW, that is a cute picture of you two! Awesome dress!


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