Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Darling Girl FOTD

 Here's just a quick face from a couple of days ago, testing out some bits from my latest Darling Girl order (review and swatches to come soon!). My hair and eyebrows are both in dire need of a dye and trim, I look proper rank at the moment! Still the makeup was nice!

Here I am pouting sexily...Or not as the case may be :P

Face: homemade powder foundation and cream concealer, the blush is a neon pink Stargazer eyeshadow that the name has rubbed off.
Eyes: Darling Girl Rudolph eyeshadow, Benefit They're real mascara
Lips: Darling Girl Cookies for Claus lip balm with Raining Blood holo-gloss over the top. 

Tonight there's a bloggers event for Illamasqua's new collection,  Human Fundamentalism. I was invited but for various reasons I can't go and I'm rather sad about it, the promo images look amazing!

Prettyyyy!! *__*
I hope everyone who is going/went had a great time, I can't wait to hear all about it! 

I went to the doctors for my blood test results today. All clear! Which is obviously good but also slightly irritating as we still have no idea what's causing my fatigue. Boo!


  1. I like your eyeshadow/blush a lot. It's the perfect amount of vibrant.

    Definitely a bummer you can't make the Illamasqua event, I agree the promo pic is kind of amazing!


  3. Ooh I love your lipgloss and I need it in my life! Thanks for always having great color choices!

    Sorry to hear about your fatigue...I had similar problems and from personal experience maybe it's a virus or even psychological. Hope you feel better!

  4. Great look! You still look amazing with hair and brows in need of a trim! The lippie combo looks great on you!

  5. I love your makeup. You are so versatile. Glad to hear your doc check up went fine. Perhaps you just need more rest?

  6. You take care of yourself. Your makeup looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see more Darling Girl goodies.

  7. you look like Clara Bow :)xxx

  8. Very pretty makeup! That Illamasqua collection looks like it's going to be awesome!!!


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