Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hi Fi Cosmetics follow up

So you may remember from my post here that I have a missing order from Hi Fi Cosmetics dating back to November. Unfortunately it is still missing and I have yet to receive a refund.

In early February someone contacted me to say that Veronica (the owner) has medical issues and some other people will be helping her run the company and would be in touch soon to sort our my problem. I replied saying I was sorry to hear about the problems but I expected to be compensated for the money I'm out.

Since then there's been no contact from the company. The Hi Fi Artfire page is now closed and says the estimated opening date will be in August. I doubt I will be getting my order or a refund and am very fed up. Hi Fi's products were among my favourite but this customer service is unacceptable. If my emails had all just gone ignored due to Veronica's illness that would be one thing but now I know that the company is aware of the problem I have and has done nothing to try and help.

In other news my Google adsense account has been disabled. I don't know why, they won't tell me. So that's annoying. On the upside it means my blog looks better!
At the moment I'm ok financially but in the future I may have to put in a 'donate' button even though I feel a bit weird about it :(


  1. Oh dear, this is awfully unprofessional of them. I think most people would understand as long as the company keeps communications open, it's a shame when stuff like this happens :(

  2. UGH, I hope this company can get it together. Too many companies seem to slide down this path.

  3. When will people learn that ignoring things doesn't make them go away, it makes them worse?!

  4. Thats too bad about Hi-Fi and Veronica :(

  5. D: It's completely awful that this hasn't been resolved by now. I really wonder how many other customers haven't gotten their goods either!

  6. It is terrible for her being ill but a company is still a company and problems has to be resolved and it is SO annoying to feel like your emails goes straight to the trash.

    *gnarls teeth and grumbles about never never ever ordering something from North America again*

    Fingers crossed for all of those orders that are unshipped!

  7. I feel so sad about Veronica. But I do think she owes her customers and explanation and their money. :( Hi-Fi was one of my favs..

  8. I'm sorry you've also had such a disappointing experience with HiFi, and even sorrier that she (or whoever she hired to represent her) isn't even professional enough to return your money if there's no intention of sending you what you ordered.

    I'm lucky that I got refunded (I was able to file a dispute) and sickened that anyone would run a business like this, relying on other people's sympathy and compassion to get by without properly conducting her business. It gives a bad name to indie cosmetics, and most small makeup businesses don't deserve it.

  9. I felt sad too. But i know solutions are always on the way.


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