Saturday, 17 March 2012

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism

I can't say much about this collection as I haven't actually seen any of it first hand (I was invited to the blogger event but couldn't come due to being too poorly at the moment and having a very stressful appointment the next day to add to the anxiety :( ) but just wanted to post this link to a tutorial on how to get this look:

Ahhh my favourite, it's so pretty!  

It's called 'Teal Marilyn' and I finally realised that the teal lips and white eyebrows and liner are the colours you would get if you inverted a picture of someone with black liner and brows and red lips. A bit like the old look I did here for the Illamasqua MizzWorthy contest a couple of years ago (only obviously much better). Clearly I was their inspiration :P

Anyway I'm dying to get my hands on that lippie (Apocalips) and the liner (Scribe) as Illamasqua's Precision Ink liners are my favourite. I also want the 2 nail polishes from the line and would be interested in trying the gold foundation. I can live without the eyeshadows though as I pretty much have every colour anyway Sadly I am too poor at the moment to be buying anything :( 

The new Illamasqua website is really cool, it has sections on reviews, how-tos, swatches and other things and you can email in your own, which I will probably do when I get up the nerve.  The shop part also has really stepped up with the product photos, there are tonnes of swatches and even videos showing the product in action!

Anyway I really just wanted to post that link. What do you think of the new collection? Being a big Illamasqua fangirl I really like it, I think the looks are really beautiful and cool and the ideas behind it really go with Illamasqua's non-conformist messages. However I would have liked to have seen some new products innovations or just a few less eyeshadows (eyeshadows are the makeup product I tend to be least interested in, I just have so many already and you can get fun, bright and good quality eyeshadows from tonnes of brands). I'm hoping to be rich enough to get some bits from the collection soon and will review them for you.

**Just a note, I wasn't contacted by anyone from Illamasqua to write this post and I didn't get any sort of compensation for it, I just fancied a chat**


  1. Unique idea, I've never heard of someone doing that before. Maybe they did get it from you after all? :) Either way your look was cool, I didn't get that this was inverted because the hair isn't (would be purple since Marilyn's was yellow). Still cool though.

  2. I love the images from this campaign!

  3. I would have never realized that it's the same colors as if we inverted Marilyn's traditional black & red!!

  4. God, gotta love Illamasqua... Their stuff is so mad xD I wish I had the balls to pull of the Apocalips lipstick, but I'm waaaay too shy. One day...

    Also: Blog award. I tagged you in it because I think you're awesome :)


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