Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It was Halloween innit?


Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a very happy Halloween. Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, we have a party every year and have 3 whole suitcases/trunks of decorations and usually I cook up a ridiculous amount of themed goodies and we play games and go really over the top. This year everyone's been very busy though and as I was the only one around I just couldn't deal with the stress, so we had a much calmer party with only 1 trunks worth of decorations :P

We decided to do the unthinkable and buy our costumes instead of making them. I know, terrible behaviour! 
I was a clown. Here is my makeup.


I know, it's not very well done, but I sweated it all off in about 10 minutes anyway :P



We had more pumpkins out in the garden, but before we could take photos some bugger stole one! They didnt smash it or anything, they actually took it. Oh well the joke's on them cause it was a home for all the fruitfly in the world!

My friend Philippa was an evil ladybird (one of those european ones who have come over here and eaten all our good decent english ladybirds. Up the LBNP! [Ladybird national party])

Xenia was an awesome toadstool. And see what a good time she's having, her face is alive with pleasure!


Claire's friends Ricky Zoe were... uhh... just spooky guys I think? Also here they have Rikku the ferret.

My sister Lydia was a very short-skirted witch:

Claire was a dinosaur:

And Ian was Plankton! His costume looked so amazing and professional!

And here I am cuddling our dog Minnie

And here being a moron:

 We're still eating up all the party leftovers.
Hooray for Halloween!


  1. I love your clown makeup, it's cute and not all scary-like (I don't like clowns, usually not even cute ones. You're the exception)

    Glad you were able to have a nice Halloween!

  2. Oh my god, your outfit! And makeup! It's absolutely perfect! Seriously think you should dye your hair pink, it looks fab on you. Also loving the Plankton outfit!

  3. So adorable! The makeup is awesome and your outfit was so cute.

  4. Oh my god, splendid!!!!
    Looks like you had fun :)

  5. I LOVE Claires dinosaur costume, so cute! Your clown hat is a bit scary though, but then I do find clowns creepy! Plz to wear pink wig again?

  6. Haha sweet. I think the make-up is really well done actually, the nose is so cute! x

  7. I love your costume! So cute and very eclectic. I also think Claire's is adorable (and the Plankton one is great too)... what loser steals a pumpkin?! Seriously.

  8. Oh that looks so fun! Love the costumes!
    alive with pleasure lol I will have to remember that phrase!

    Your costume is so good, 80's pop clown!

    I guess the mix of scary and random costumes makes for more fun and options but I still feel a bit weird about the idea of people not dressing as something scary for halloween, but I think the less scary ones (including yours sorry haha) can all be debatable as being scary anyway! noooo- not the plankton- anything but the plankton! ahhh!

  9. haha that could so easily come across as rude! I'm just referring to the fact that some people are afraid of clowns, not that you look scary!

  10. The last picture is amazinggg! So is the second to last photo; I cuddle my poodle the same way. ^_^

  11. I love your makeup and your costume was pretty nice! It makes me wanna try doing a clow makeup look also. The plankton costume is amazing! haha very cool.

  12. Awesome costumes! I love the pic of you with your puppy, too cute!

  13. don't misjudge! this was such a good clown! and the wig to it enhanced it so well! the whole thing with a white complexion is so hard so you should get credit for not getting an uneven result!

  14. I LOVE your costume! And the makeup is wonderful!

  15. oh my gosh, that plankton costume is perfect. What was it made from?


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