Friday, 11 November 2011

OOTD - Mango dress

A while back I went on a big shopping trip with Claire who wanted to go into Mango to look at some workwear stuff. I've always thought of Mango as very dull and boring with nothing to interest me, but I take it all back! Claire didn't find anything but I came away with a dress and a cardigan!
This is the dress:

It's not the most exciting item in my wardrobe I grant you, but I really like it! It's made of thick, soft wool so it's lovely and warm for winter, and it has a vintagey feel but is a bit different because of the neon pink plaid and the black piping waist thing (you can't see it that well because I'm at an angle).

I paired it with my Ruffled Rabbit necklace (plug plug plug)

The light makes my hair looks all green here! I was in a rush to go out so I'm just wearing mascara and Darling Girl Liquid Kiss Luxe in Strawberry Fields (my skin would look alright without makeup if it weren't for the blemishy chin!)

What do you think of the dress? :)


  1. The dress looks great! The fit on you is wonderful

  2. I like the dress! Definitely a great dress for work! You look great with minimal makeup!

  3. I wish I had that dress!! Also...I FORGOT HOW GREAT YOUR LEGS ARE!

  4. Lovely dress. I feel the same about Mango, sometimes I think it's very blah but occasionally they have something beautiful. And I would so wear this with neon pink tights!

  5. I love the dress. Makes me wish I had one. I need thicker dresses for winter. ):
    My skin looks all right except for my forehead. For whatever reason when I recently got sick it made my skin freak out.
    I'm all right now, if my skin would calm down!

  6. I ADOOOOORE mango. Uber cute dress!

  7. Oooo This dress is very nice. I would totally get it if I could. The style is right up my alley.

  8. I do really like the dress but i think you should have bought it one size up x

  9. Love the dress!! It's definitely something you could wear to work but I love the unique touches of the neon pink in the plaid! I've always wanted to shop at Mango but there isn't one anywhere near me that I know of.


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