Friday, 25 November 2011

FOTD - The Walk of Shame

Last saturday I went dancing with a friend of mine. All was going well and we were having a gay old time ala the Flintstones until suddenly and without warning she disappeared. I was lost and worried and very stressed . I  found out later that she went out for a ciggy and the bouncers wouldn't let her back in. She had no credit and I, being stupid and slightly drunk and wandering around the club looking for her, didn't think to try and ring/text her. When I found out what had happened she had already started off for her home, so I was very worried about having to journey home on my own at night as I can barely leave my house alone when it isn't dark and scary and I'm not inebriated and vulnerable. Luckilly we had gone to a club run by someone I know and he took me back to his house and let me sleep on his sofa (good old Carl!). In the morning I was so embarrassed and shy and worried about having been an imposition I got up before him and went on my merry way.
Wandering home in a sleep deprived stupor I felt very wicked and cool and youthful for once. It was a bit like having a one night stand, I would imagine, but without the awkwardness of having sex with someone for the first time.

Anyway the reason I'm relating this whole underwhelming story is that, somehow through a night of dancing, hours of sleeping scrunched on a couch and slight tears of stress, my eye makeup remained practically perfect!

(I shoved some lipstick on for the photo but the eyes were left alone)
And all that without primer!

Eyes: Sugarpill Magentric all over lid, Illamasqua Static in browbone and slightly in inner corner, Barry M Fine Glitter dust in 23  in outer v and crease.

Lips: Makeup For Ever lipstick in 152 (I think its discontinued)

I hope everyone in the US had a fun black friday and didn't get run over by stampedes of bargain hunters!

Speaking of, we're having a big sale!


Yes, I know, plug plug plug :P


  1. LOL! I'm glad you're okay. I like the bangs

  2. Oh sweetie thank you for sharing these pics with us, I am totally amazed at how your eye makeup held up after a big night - AMAZEBALLS!!! You're like a movie star "waking" up in the morning and hopping out of bed looking fabulous!! Bless Carl - losing your friend at night would have been a scary experience for you. xo

  3. I love you in pink! Just lovely.

  4. Does not compute! This is awesome that it stayed on that long - and love the lippy.

    There's always one friend that gets kicked out isn't there?

  5. Without primer?! That's amazing! If I didn't wear primer and went dancing (assuming of course that I wasn't an uncoordinated yobbo) I think my eyeshadow would slip into my crease in 0.5seconds XD

    Your eye look is adorbz <3

  6. You look so lovely in pink! I can't believe the staying power on that shadow! :D

  7. Hahahahaha the explanation of the title was glorious. You did the walk of shame without the shame and without the dirty feeling. ANYWAY, makeup is amazing! You must sleep like a princess.

  8. I would have never guessed you wore these makeup overnight. Looks like it wsa just applied. I'm glad you had a safe night in spite of the incident.

  9. AW YEAH, the makeup's still lookin' fresh! Don't you just love those good old morning after walks home? It hasn't happened to me that often, but oh dear what a hot mess it is when it does!


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