Monday, 14 November 2011

Old Photo of the day and Christmas for Callooh and Callay

So back when I was about 18 (I think, I can never remember so I guess by what my hair was like) through a bizarre series of events I ended up at the Mighty Boosh Live Tour's after party. It was absolutely terrifying annd very surreal. I was with my sister (who is also shy) so we ended up just standing in a corner gawping and wondering how on earth we got into that situation. However we ended up chatting with Noel Fielding for a little while!

He was absolutely lovely. A complete sweetheart! My sister stupidly decided to tell him that I fancied his brother and I was mortified, but he was really nice and went and got Mike (the brother) to come talk to me. Julian was also there and we tried to talk to him but he was having none of it. We stole a drink he left unattended as revenge (actually not really, we were just dying of thirst and had no money with us -___- we are tramps).

In other news our Callooh and Callay Christmas Collection is being released tomorrow!  


Please take a look tomorrow at 7 PM (GMT) for lovely sparkly, wintery goodies!


  1. Awesome pic! You were so cute back in the day! I'm excited to see the new Christmas collection! Maybe this will be my opportunity to place and order! :)

  2. haha I'm curious as to what those bizarre events were!

    The picture is cute, a union of creative minds!

    How could your sister say that XD I would have been doubly embarrassed for said brother to then have materialised and come over! But that is really nice- good hosting skills!

    I'm liking your new fringe =)

  3. I'm soooo excited for the Christmas collection :D

  4. Christmas collection!?!! Eeeee!

  5. The earrings are so lovely! I will be ordering them soon for sure. It's so cold the tip of my nose is freezing off right now. And that only makes me want the earrings more!

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  7. Wow that's such a cool photo!

  8. LOVE the old photo, you are the best!


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