Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless Collection

Yes, I'm stupidly late with this post once again. The collection has been out for quite some time now, but because Illamasqua is awesome with it's collections, the products are all still available and will be for a long time :) 

This collection was inspired by the dark and decadent nightlife of Berlin in the 1920s, the images really reminded me of expressionist cinema. The colours are vampy and rich, but with hints of sparkle and iridescence. While the collection of darker, vampier hues seems perfect for autumn/winter, as usual Illamasqua has not gone down a 'safe' route. The dark cerises, smoked purples, forresty greens and rusty reds are also joined by flashes of bright magenta, light peaches and greyed pinks. There's new textures too - shimmery blushes and rubberised nails. 

To be honest while I absolutely loved the collection imagery that came out before the products, I didn't imagine I'd end up wanting to buy much. To me while the pictures were absolutely breathtaking, I didn't imagine that too many exciting products were involved. For instance I adore this picture: 

But the only product really featured is a black liner (and whatever created the flawless skin)

But then when I actually saw the products, there were loads I wanted! 
And the lovely people at Illamasqua were kind enough to send me a few items, including two that I was absolutely craving, so that was a bit of good luck for me! 

The products came with a catalogue, featuring more gorgeous artwork.

And in the normal, sleek Illamasqua packaging. This is the one thing I would change about Illamasqua's collections, special packaging would be nice to distinguish them from the main line of products.

The three products I recieved were Sheer Lipgloss in Violate, Lipstick in Kontrol and Pure Pigment in Berber.

Firstly the product I was the most excited about, the Sheer Lipgloss in Violate. I won't do a proper review of the formula because it's the same as one's I've talked about extensively before here

However you can see from my picture that while this is called a 'sheer' gloss it really isn't very sheer (though you can make it look sheerer by applying it very sparingly). It's a fantastic colour. A sort of red-ish brown with tonnes of green shimmer. You can see the brown colour a lot here because of the angle of my lips, from straight on they look much more green.  I really love it, such a cool colour, I can honestly say I've never seen a metallic, forrest green lipgloss before and this is a wonderful one. However what I would say is that the  pigmentation is a little odd, it's not opaque like their Intense Lipglosses but it certainly isn't sheer. I think it would look better over a base, perhaps black. You can also apply a tiny bit of this over another colour to darken it and add a hint of the green sparkle. It's good over red! 

Next the other product I loved the look of, the lipstick in Kontrol.

This is an amazing and unique colour. It's a real, true purple (not an aubergine or plum just called a purple) but with a hint of grey which makes it look really sophisticated and special. Berry lips are usually big for winter and I think this is a more interesting alternative. I've had problems with Illamasqua's lipsticks before, a lot of the shades I've tried have been very dry or drying or just not that great. I don't know if they've made any changes to the formula or if it's just this shade but this is just a fantastic lipstick! It's super pigmented, opaque in a single stroke and has a matte finish, however it is not in the slightest bit drying. It's creamy and smooth and glides on like a dream. It's just an amazing lipstick, I don't have anything bad to say about it!

Finally I was sent Berber, a  pure pigment. 

Pure Pigments can be used all over, as eyeshadow, blush, highlighter or you can apply it wet to make an eyeliner. Berber is a great metallic red colour with gold and green sparkles. It's beautifully pigmented and the different colours of the glimmer really shine through. I've not used this as an eye shade yet but I have other Pure Pigments which I have and they make fine eyeshadows, they last ages and don't tend to crease or fade. If you apply this lightly it makes a fantastic blush! It doesn't say anywhere if this is safe for use on the lips, which is a shame, I imagine it would look beautiful dusted over a red lipstick.

All the products I tried are really wonderful, I'm so so impressed with the lipstick formula and I love the lipgloss. So I really love this new collection, I want basically everything else from it! If the items I recieved seem a bit too 'out-there' and strange there is a lot more in the collection which is more conventional, there are blushes in rosy magentas and peachy nudes and pure pigments in black and white for a great smokey look. 

One last thing, I thought one item I really didn't need was the eyeliner in Havoc, an aubergine shade. Then I saw this:

Bloody heck it looks nice!

Thank you so much to the lovely people at Illamasqua for the products. I can't wait until I have the money to buy more!


  1. DROOL. That lipgloss... wow!

  2. **Must** get Kontrol!!

  3. Ooooh that lipgloss. So beautiful.

  4. haha bloody heck

    The pictures are so severe, the one in the top left almost looks so but it's still very beautiful and I think that's what gives all the looks a beauty and fantasy feeling- quite other wordly.

    Those beetle colours are stunning!

  5. Holy crap, amazing looking collection!! That pigment is so beautiful! I hope someday they use you as their model, you have the perfect features and look for them.:)

  6. Kontrol looks so good with your skintone! I'm so jealous of people with fair skin, you guys can pull off the best shades.

  7. The lipgloss is such an interesting color. It actually looks very nice! I wonder how it looks layered over other lip color.

  8. Cool love it. The gloss is amazing!

  9. Love it! And oh god I need Havoc now, too! Stupid awesome Illamasqua and their stupid lovely products. Hmph.

  10. I so love that green lipgloss, I don't own one for the moment, but I would really like to, so I should buy it. Not to talk about that red pigment.
    Gosh don't we love Illamasqua!!

  11. I need that green/brown lipgloss in my life. And I hate brown!

    Illamasqua needs to be available in Canada already!

  12. Oh man, I am SO happy you got Kontrol and Violate because I knew they'd be awesome on you :D I didn't even know Violate was like the lipgloss version of MAC Club, I just thought it was straight up green!

    I really need to get my ass in gear and swatch my dupes for the collection that I promised months ago ;~;

  13. I've never used Illamasqua, it's not really in my price range, but I am forever admiring their ranges. They release such amazing campaigns!

  14. I really want Violate and Kontrol, they look so awesome!

  15. I am absolutely lusting after that lip gloss!


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