Friday, 6 May 2011

Swatcharama - Revlon Lipsticks

I really really love Revlon lipsticks and would buy a tonne more if I didn't already own basically every colour of lipstick available (and if I had any income boo hoo) . As it is I only have 5. They all apply smoothly and easily, are really pigmented, last a super long time and not even the matte shades are in the least bit drying.

Matte 006 Really Red - a lovely matte 'true' red that hints slightly towards the blue side of the spectrum.

More after the cut :)

Matte 005 Strawberry Suede - a lovely soft pinkish warm red

750 Kiss Me Coral - a very orange coral

440 Cherries in the Snow - this just looks like a fuschia in the photo. In real life it's redder. it's like a very blue, very pinkish red if that makes any sense.

457 Wild Orchid - Lovely fuschiaish pink with a blue sheen


  1. I looove that 'cherries in the snow', it's just the perfect lipstick shade to me! I need to get it c: x

  2. These look great on you - not sure I can pull off such bold lipcolours!

  3. You are so lucky to be able to wear these colours. My skin looks terrible with most reds. :(

  4. Thanks for the swatches, all of these are awesome! Wild Orchid is my favorite, going to keep my out for it.

  5. ive never used these but i think i might need to try them even tho i have about 10 red lipsticks already! i love the matte red.

  6. Bah. You have the best lips in the blogosphere.

    Yes. I said blogosphere. Haha.

  7. I have Really Red, Strawberry Suede (LOVE THIS ONE), Cherries in the Snow and I may have Wild Orchid (can't remember). Your lip swatches are FANTASTIC!

  8. Cherries in the Snow looks really pink on you! I agree, it is much redder in real life! I should try out a few more of these, they look fantastic! Also I agree with Miss Bekka: best lips in the blogosphere!!!

  9. I love Revlon lipstick. It's really the first brand I used as soon as I could wear makeup. My girlfriend uses Cherries in the Snow and looks gorgeous in it. On me it just doesn't look as good so I don't own it. You have gorgeous full lips. I sadly have a thin upper lip but I do make it larger. Lipstick is my first love and then nail polish.

  10. I love it when you do lip swatchies! Yay! I love Cherries in the Snow, I've been meaning to get it for ages.

  11. Coral and Matte Red for me. But I aspire to own every Lip Tar so my spondoolicks are reserved for that.

  12. I have a love for Revlon too, I love cherries in the snow, fire and ice and ive been lemming wild fushcia

  13. I have cherries in the snow nail polish. I may want the lipstick now to complete the set. Aw.

  14. Niamh Buckley Make-Up:
    Thank you! They're a pain to photo but lovely and easy to write :P

    It's actually nicer in real life! It's this fab unique pink blue red colour.

    :) I can't pull off nude or sheer lippies!

    Aww that's a shame! Maybe you just haven't found the right one yet :)

    Lemon Bunny/Mandy:
    You're welcome! It's a very pretty colour and very shiny too!

    Kirsty B:
    Oh God yeah I probably have about 20 red lippies :P But the matte red is fantastic!

    Miss Bekka:
    Aww you flatterer! <3

    Aww thank you! We share taste in Revlon it would seem! :D

    I know it's weird! It was the best photo I could get but it doesn't look like a red at all! :/ And thank you too!

    I actually 'borrowed' (i.e. Stole) a mini Cherries in the Snow lipstick from my Mum when I was about ten, the first red lippie I ever 'owned' :P Thank you so much, I have quite a tiny mouth in proportion with my face but I do think my lips are quite a nice shape. And I'm with you, lipsticks are my favourite ever item of makeup.

    Aww you're so nice! It's one of my favourite lippies :)

    Ha ha I have a tonne of Lip Tars already but I 'need' some of the new ones. And I always just want more and more lipsticks! The matte red is one of my favourite ever lipsticks.

    I really really wanted the Fire and Ice but I think it's not abvailable any more :( Boo hoo!

    I need the nail polish myself! :D

  15. Ooh, these look great. I swatched Cherries in the Snow once and thought it looked really pink, might just be the dodgy Superdrug lighting though, and I'd like to have it regardless.

  16. Awesome swatches! I'm really liking how cherries in the snow and wild orchid look

  17. Julianne: It's definately red, but it's a very pinky red. It's a really lovely and unusual colour :)

    Pang: Thank you! They're all lovely.

  18. Ugh I need all of these now. Curse you! :P

  19. SilhouetteScreams:
    Don't curse me, it's impolite! Besides I show you nice lipsticks :P


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