Friday, 27 May 2011

Swatcharama - Morgana Cryptoria Lipsticks

Morgana Cryptoria (formerly Morgana Minerals) is a great little indie company that is famed for it's vegan lipsticks. I have quite a few and some samples and for the most part I really love them. They now cost $12 (though the pastel formula are only $9) which is a bit pricier than most indie companies. However these come in proper lipstick tubes and (for the most part) are a lovely, long lasting creamy formula. They come in lots of colours from more neutral tones to really unusual shades. Great for finding really unique colours.
Samples are now only available for a short time after each new lipstick is released (I believe) which I think has to do with them drying out more quickly... Or something. Some of the ones I had were very hard to apply and that can give you the wrong idea about the full size lipsticks, the vast majority of which have a fantastic formula so I do understand why they have basically been discontinued. However It's a shame, I really don't know if I will buy more Morgana lipsticks seeing as I can't get samples. I very rarely buy any makeup without getting samples first (or if it's not indie then testing it in the shops) and while I could afford to take a chance on, for instance, an Evil Shades or High Voltage lippie which cost $4.25 and $6.50 respectively I couldn't really spend $12 on a lipstick that I couldn't be sure I would like. And that makes me really really sad because I love the Morgana lippies I have and there are so many new colours I like the look of :( 
Also sadly most of the colours I have are now discontinued which sucks cause there are great colours. Anyway here be tonnes of swatches!
 Azalea - Fuschia pink (discontinued):

Cauldron - Very opaque black with silver glitter (disconitnued):

Coraline's Kiss - metallic slightly muted reddish coral colour:

Lillian (lurve that name) - metallic bluey lilac (discontinued):

Metallic Maiden - Lovely coppery metallic red (Discontinued):

Glittering Poinsettia - deep 'bloodish' red colour with a smattering of gold glitter (Discontinued):

Raspberry - muted dark raspberry colour, smells like raspberries. (Discontinued):

Serenity - Cyan blue with a tiny amount of shimmer (discontinued but close in colour to Sub-Zero which is still available):

Shrieking Violet - true and gorgeous vivid purple. Sadly this one is very very dry and I can't apply it properly:


  1. So pretty! I thought that they had samples though? I mean it has been a while since I've checked the website :)

  2. I went to the website and they have an option that says 'Samples of new lipsticks' for $2, but they're sold out. Probably because they haven't released any lipsticks in the past few weeks, right? I don't think so, at least.. I don't have anything from them because I feel like if I'm going to spend $12 on an indie company lippie, I'd rather go to MAC and get one for $14 and KNOW I'm going to like it since I can swatch for free and stuff.

  3. If you join the lipstick coven they're only $9 and you can still get samples (I think) :D
    I hate I missed out on Lillian, because it's gorgeous!

  4. I wasn't really keen on any of the samples I've bought in the past, mostly because I'm not too keen on frosty lipsticks (which I probably should have thought about at the time :P). You make every shade look lovely though!

  5. Some great colours. I really want to try indie products and I know you've blogged some lists before but the prices can be steep and I want to stick to the UK.

  6. Lovely colours I really like Coraline's Kiss and Azalea. I've only recently branched out into indie brands and I've been really happy with what I've tried, I love Shiro and I'm just trying some Evil Shades. Indie brands always have such gorgeous colours :) xx

  7. I love that blue! May have to try the one they still have. :D

  8. I love all of these! I am so sad that most of them are discontinued!!

  9. Man, I really love Raspberry. Too bad it's discontinued. :( Thanks for the swatches, though. You have very lovely lips.

  10. Y:
    They used to do samples all the time, now they are just for a short time when they release new colours.

    I think there's just a limited number of samples released with the new colours, so even if new lippies have been released recently the samples can be gone. That's how I feel too, Mac is more expensive over here and I do love Morganas lippies but $12 is pricey for something I can't try. I demand samples!

    They're very pretty aren't they? :)

    I think the samples are in very limited numbers but the coven does make them cheaper and have other deals, which is why I joined :P There's a new shade called 'Lilliana' which is meant to be similar to Lillian :)

    You're right, they do all have a sort of frosty finish. Usually I'm not keen on that either but here I think it works with the colours. Dunno why! And thank you :)

    Yeah I haven't tried any UK indie brands yet. Some have very reasonable prices and shipping though, this is on the higher side.

    I love indie brands, I still buy from big companies but not nearly as much as I know I can find lovely stuff for cheaper and supporting people working for themselves :)

    You should! It looks very similar to me, maybe a tiny bit brighter.

    I know :( Lots of new colours though!

    Thank you! Raspberry is a lovely colour but I bet there's similar colours out there, it's not like Slime or one of the really unusual ones :)


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