Tuesday, 17 May 2011

OOTD - That's The Way To Do It!

On Sunday my friend Foz invited me to come to an exhibition about Punch and Judy with him. It was in Brighton (where he lives) and seeing as I love Foz and I love Punch and Judy I decided I had to make myself go, despite being scared rather witless. But I made it and after about an hour of trembling and panicking and failing to be a normal person I started to get comfortable enough to talk with him properly and we had a lovely day at the seaside. The exhibition wasn't as good as we had expected but we got to see a Punch and Judy show which I loved, I hadn't seen one since I was a tiny child. I'm pleased that the Devil still turns up and Judy still gets beaten with the slapstick (though the baby didn't get abused. I guess that's going too far these days :P). Then we wandered around the seafront looking at some galleries and mocking the psychics and carousel owner who cares naught for art, only for fish and chips and had tea in a cafe and chatted about his upcoming shows (Foz is a musician and arty performer man) and my rubbish circumstances. It was really nice and I'm so glad I made myself go! Now I feel all brave and proud of myself (and yes I do realise how pathetic that is). Anyway as It was a Punch and Judy themed trip I decided to dress in my most Mr Punch-esque outfit:

Yes, I do realise now that my tits are ridiculous, I thought the cardigan would cover them up a bit, but as you can see it didn't really help.

Dress: Homemade (designed and made partially by me but mostly by Claire :P)
Cardi: H&M
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Minna Parikka
Hairbow: Dolly Dagger

And now my big puppet face:


Face: Avon tinted moisturiser, Gosh porcelain foundation (as concealer), ELF complexion Perfection, Evil Shades Brazen blusher
Eyes: High Voltage Cosmetics Redhead brow powder, black mascara
Lips: Mac Russian Red lipstick

Because I generally dress like a sort of scarecrow/clown/80s pop star/ pantomime dame I'm used to having annoying comments shouted at me on the street (I don't think I deserve it and it does frighten me a lot but it's gone on since I can remember so I just put up with it) but sometimes the things that get shouted at me are amazingly stupid. For instance on Sunday some blokes started shouting 'Oi Coco The Clown! You look like a clown!' at me... Well Duhh! Oh God, I had no idea that my painted on cheeks, bright red lips and silly puffy metallic dress made me look slightly clownish! Thank goodness I have middle aged men pointing it out for me. It also made me giggle on the inside as Foz actually does dress as a sort of clown for performance.

Here's a couple of punch photos incase anyone else is interested:

Poor sad dead looking punch :(

Awesome advert.


  1. First of all, congratulation for beeing brave and go out, you had the fun you deserved! I really like the outfit, it's cute :)

    And about the people screaming things in the street:
    Every time I leave home with shiny gold shoes or strange pattern mixed clothes (Which I think are beautiful), I think to myself: "We only have one life to live, what's the point of wearing boring outfit when you can go with fun, lamé or colorfull ones??"
    I'm not the one who's going to have regrets when looking back to my life !!

  2. Aw you look so nice! The dress is perfect and Russian Red really suits you :)

  3. You look great as ever. And K (above) is so right about wearing lovely stuff!

    How lame is it to call you a clown and then go on to say you look like a clown? Sadly the idiots are too stupid to realise just how moronic they are!

    My sparkly nail was Pop Beauty Nail Glam Twinkle.

  4. I love the outfit! The dress reminds me of a giant sweet wrapper (in a good way, of course!)

  5. I love the wiggly line of trim on the dress. Pretty! xx
    ps I wish I had boobs, boobs = not ridiculous but lovely and healthy and all that good stuff a lady wants to be

  6. You look beautiful! The outfit is amazing, I love your dress and shoes. It sounds like you had a great time and I know it's cliche, but people who shout stupid things I find are just jealous they could never do what you do, and go out wearing a truly amazing outfit and be happy about it! :) xxx

  7. You look SO adorable!

    Ugh people yelled shit at me and my friends for almost my entire teenage life, and I still occasionally get people yelling shit from cars when I'm waiting for the bus >__< the Captain Obvious comments are the best though, aren't they? haha

  8. Oh my, what the hell is wrong with people? I can't believe people were yelling at you in the street! Mind your own damn business! I hate when people feel the need to comment on the appearance of others; seriously, get a life! Worry about your own appearance! My favourite is when people wearing sweatpants make rude comments at me. Good lord, at least I made some kind of effort to get dressed! Anwyay, I love your dress, and there is nothing wrong with ridiculous tits! If you've got it, flaunt it! Also, I agree with MlleK above, you only live once so wear some awesome clothes!

  9. Hooray brave Lillian! Don't say it's pathetic dear - if it means a lot to you, then it means a lot to you, and you should be proud of yourself :) Also: Those people shouting at you are the ones who are pathetic! I'm glad you didn't let them take you down! <3

    I've heard of Punch and Judy, but I've never watched it before. It looks interesting, but I'm quite afraid of clowns!

  10. I just don't get that vibe that you are a person with social anxiety. You appear fun and outgoing. You even when out with a doll-like face makeup and outfit. I don't think many of us would have the nerve to do that on a regular day.

  11. Ha ha, I love Punch and Judy. Can you imagine a modern, PC version? How dull! Your dress is beautiful and so are you, your blush is awesome!

  12. yay i'm glad I finally got to comment now that you're back! I love your dress :3

  13. I LOVE people that get dressed up for events and that dress is super cute. People that have nothing better to do than shout at you for trying to have fun, are boring and uninteresting anyway. Who wants to invite someone to a costume party, for example, only to have them show up in a t-shirt and jeans? I want to invite the person who's going to show up in a Darth Vader helmet, a cape and glitter spandex!

  14. MlleK:
    Thank you! I felt very accomplished :P
    And I agree, people can shout whatever they want, It's not going to make me stop dressing how I want. I dress for myself and I feel beautiful.

    Thank you! I do love Russian Red, it's such a great proper red colour!

    Thank you! I know, I thought it was quite a funny heckle because it was so inane :P

    Thank you! I hadn't seen that before but now I totally see it, like a quality street or something :D

    It's giant gold ric-rac, it was really expensive but worth it.
    Aww you're too kind! I have no problem with my boobs, but I didn't realise they were basically being served up on a platter until I saw these photos!

    Thank you, those shoes are so annoying though, they used to be really comfy but the more I wear them the more they cripple my feet! They're expensive proper designer shoes too! >:(
    I'm not really sure if it's jealousy or if they just genuinely are offended by how I look, but neither is an excuse for weirdness. It's unpleasant to be shouted at, but I usually just ignore it cause i like what I wear.

    Aww thank you so much! My favourite stupid shout things are either the obvious ones or really stupid cliched ones like 'It's not Halloween you know!'. Once I got that one when it was about 2 days after Halloween, I easily could have been going to a party!

    I know, it's upsetting, especially seeing as I have trouble with leaving the house. It;s been happening so lond that I can kind of block it out now. And it's better than when people throw things :/

    And thank you! I was just amused by the tits as I hadn't realised how much I was flaunting them :P

    Aww thank you, it does mean a lot to me, I'm just aware how silly it might seem to other people that leaving the house is such a big deal for me! Sometimes the shouting upsets me a bit, but when they're stupid like that it just amuses me.
    Punch and Judy aren't quite clowns, but they're certainly clown-like so you might wanna steer clear. It's fun though, people get beaten a lot with a slapstick and the devil shows up!

    I know, that's a big problem actually. People see me in my bright silly clothes and think I'm confident and extroverted, when really I'm terrified of leaving my house and feel physically ill when I have to talk to people :( The thing is I've dressed 'differently' since I was a child, so before my anxiety disorder kicked in. I'd feel even more uncomfortable in 'normal' clothes' because I would feel as attractive or like myself. Maybe I'll write a post about it. Though also you get a skewed view from my blog because I only show myself in pretty, fun outfits. Most days I don't leave the house so I just wear pyjamas :P

    I think you do get some PC Punch and Judy's these days! But this one was alright, I think it's fine as long as someone gets beaten XD And thank you, I used to wear dolly cheeks like that all the time.

    :D Thank you!

    Oh yes I completely agree! Half hearted fancy dress is no fun! I just think it's a bit sad really, if they have nothing better to do than insult strangers on the street! I need some glittery spandex :P

  15. I also struggle with anxiety and it's worse than ever right now. I can barely do necessary stuff like shop for groceries much less see friends or go new places. I don't know about you but too often instead of being proud of myself I wonder why I have such a hard time doing little things that other people do every day with no second thought. I don't understand why going to the bank or the supermarket or even driving someplace unfamilar can make me have a breakdown and panic attacks when everyone else is not only doing that every day but also working, having families, going to parties, etc. If you're anything like me then you going out was something major and you should be proud of youself and feel brave, and I am proud of/for you too!
    (Sorry for such a long comment)

  16. I think you look absolutely gorgeous! I WISH more people would go out dressed to the nines the way you do! Going to the grocery would be so much more fun. I used to dress up a lot more when I was younger, with poofy skirts, feathery hats, smoky shadow...but I live in a small town now and have toned things down a lot more :/

  17. beautyfromanotherplanet:
    I'm so sorry things are so bad for you at the moment. I can relate, I can only barely leave the house at all right now. I used to always be extremely anxious in situations where I would be expected to talk to people, but I was able to go shopping and things by myself, now I can't at all. And I understand those feelings of inadequacy completely. It makes me feel so incredibly pathetic that I can't do something as simple as answer the telephone or leave the house without feeling horribly panicky. It really doesn't help with my self esteem problems :( And it's hard to actually feel proud of myself because I just feel like it's something I should be able to do anyway! If you ever want to talk about it with me send me an email :) And never apologise for leaving a comment, I like long comments! :D

    The Bloated Ewe:
    Aww thank you so much! It's a real shame you don't feel comfortable to dress up as much as you'd like :( I really don't know why I feel comfortable dressing so eccentrically when I'm so anxious about everything else :P

  18. Thank you so much, Lillian.


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