Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mr Darcy

I just thought I'd share some photos of our new pet, Mr Darcy :)

He was a stray up until last week when we rescued him :) He's a complete sweetheart already, he loves being stroked and ticked and has a lovely loud purr. Also he learned to use a litter tray in about a day! The poor lad has to stay in our bathroom for a couple of weeks (which is why he's in the bath) because we got him castrated straight away and he had some fight wounds that needed patching up, so he can't meet the other animals until he's fully healed up.

So he gets to join the rest of the family including:




And Feargal

(also the 2 other ferrets, Rikku and Yetta and our Guinea Pig Portia, I don't have any photos of them on this computer :( Sorry guys)

Also I wondered if I could pick your brains for a moment. It's for the secret project I mentioned yesterday. Claire and I are trying to think of a tagline for it. Our favourite of the ones we've come up with so far is 'All the fun of the fair for you to wear' (yes what we're making is wearable :P ) but we worry that it might seem too fairground-centric. Hearing that would you assume the brand only sold fairground related things? Or just whimsical fun stuff (which is what we hope)

Thanks for any feedback you can give!


  1. I'm new to your blog so I just wanted to say hello. Your ferret is adorable! I just got a new one myself, so they're a very exciting topic for me.

  2. I think is a good tagline, fair/circus/band style is pretty popular right now. I'm excited to see what you've come up with.

  3. eee!!! HI MR DARCY!!!!! What a cute lil boy :)

  4. that tagline reminds me of renaissance fair related material..

  5. I love all the pets! They always make me smile to see.

  6. I love the tagline - and would gladly be your best customer! You know I adore your home-made delights! :DD

  7. Haaaaai Mr Darcy! He is owning that bath :)

  8. SO MUCH CUUUUUUTE ^____^ Minnie is especially adorbz *steals&

  9. Awww, lovely cat, wish I could get more but the one I have is a wee psycho, who hates other animals.

    I like the name of your project, it does give me connotations of circus-y, vintage-y, whimsy (if that makes sense).

  10. Mr. Darcy is so handsome! I hope he heals up fast!

  11. Aww Mr. Darcy and all your other pets are adorable! :D
    Ooh exciting new project! I really love the tagline, I definitely thought whimsical fun stuff when I read it. xxx

  12. YAY PETS! Your pets are all so lovely! I must say I love the name Mr. Darcy for a cat! That is fantastic! I assume you are referring to Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.....I almost NEVER read fiction books but that one is a classic!

  13. Cute kitty is cute! So are the rest of the pets :D

  14. Cassykins:
    Hi! He's actually my sisters ferret, she has 2 others who I could get any good photos of because they're so damn wriggly :P I'm looking after them at the moment though as she's staying at her boyfriends house. They're so sweet :D

    Thank you! We've decided to go for it as we personally really like it and that's whats really counts :) We should hopefully be ready to share now!

    :D He's such a sweetheart. He's a real softy already.


    Hmm that's not so good! Is the expression 'all the fun of the fair' is used outside of the UK?

    Thank you! I like sharing photos of my menagerie :)

    Aww thank you so much Carla! I'm really excited to show you :)

    :D He loves the bath, we think it must be nice and cool for him :)

    Noooooo don't steal my Minnie! D:

    Aww that's a shame! We haven't actually introduced ours yet because of his not being able to go out, it's scary! I really hope they'll be friends.

    And thanks, that's great! That's what we were going for. As long as it doesn't sound like it would be solely circus-y then it's fdine for us! :D

    He is isn't he? :)

    Thank you, he is! I think he's healed fine now, but because he was stray he can't be let out of the house yet incase he runs away :(

    Thank you! We've got a motley crew!
    And thank you! That's what we wanted to hear :D

    Thank you! And yes, he's named after the lovely Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. My Mum loooooves Mr Darcy, personally I prefer Bingley :P

    :D They sure are!

  15. can't wait for your shop to open! I think that if I saw the tag line with some of the items or even a relevant illustration i would think whimsical. But otherwise, I kind of think of light up ferris wheel t-shirts.

  16. Mr Darcy is lovely! Looks quite like my meow, Tequila. Similar colourings and markings. You'd never get Tequila in the bath though, she hates the thing - water or no water! Haha xx

  17. wetdog:
    Aww thank you! Hopefully it will work out ok, some of the stuff we're making is circus or fair related anyway :)

    Oh! Panda:
    Thank you, he's a lovely kitty! Tequila is sensible, the bath is no place for a kitty!


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