Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Guest Post

Today I did a guest post for Wendy at Turtle Beauty while she's on holiday here in merry old England. Go check it out! Well if you care to that is! No pressure! (But you should be following her anyway cause her blog is awesome.)

Also I'm just done replying to all of your comments, phew! Sorry it took me so long!

I've got some good posts coming up ASAP including a review/haul/swatches of my first Shiro cosmetics order and a Morgana Cryptoria lipstick swatcharama. I apologise if I'm not posting so often at the moment, I'm working on a secret project which is taking up a lot of my time. I'm very excited about it though and will share it with you when I'm ready! :D


I love comments and try to reply to every one i get.