Monday, 5 December 2011

Poodle puff

Claire's poodle Perry has come to stay with us. Here he is being cuddled by me. Look how happy he looks!

...or perhaps not.

Here is my face:

Face: Illamasqua Skin Base in 02, ELF studio HD powder, Illamasqua powder blusher in Morale
Eyes: BFTE Lace (all over lid), Sugarpill Goldilux (in the crease), Illamasqua precision eyeliner in Havoc
Lips: Rimmel Vinyl carat ligloss in Steal the Show

It's funny, in my head I think I look really rubbish with sheer or nude colours on my lips and when I can I always choose bright, opaque colours (I wore this going out for dinner so didn't want to bother with bright lipstick that would smear and stuff) but I actually think this looks very nice! Quite soft and pretty.

Here's my ouftit, which I really like. It's from River Island. Sadly it's ever so slightly too small in the bust which is why my boobs look a bit crushed :P I'm not feeling great about my body right now :(

Finally this looks like quite a nice photo until you realise both the dogs are peeing behind me.


 Cheers dogs.


  1. Love the eye! I'm going to have to try recreating this sometime! Love Goldilux in the crease! The poodle is adorable! Hahahaha! Dogs, always unpredictable!

  2. That dress looks awesome on you, I love it! I also am loving my new Narwhal in a sailor hat necklace that just arrived today and just wanted to say so :)

  3. OMG OMG OMG OMG POODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies of the cuteness* OMG LOVE! You look cute too :)

  4. love this dress!!! And the eyshadow looks awesome!

  5. LOL I didn't even notice the dogs until you said something... always something to ruin the photo. Adorable dress and makeup!

  6. Hahahhaaaaaa, good effort dogs! You look gorgeous, the dress and the makeup together are lovely.

  7. That lip colour looks gorgeous on you! And lol at the dogs, Perry is really cute though :)

  8. What a cute poodle! I love them when they are clipped traditionally like that :)
    You look gorgeous and have reminded me that Rimmel Lip Vinyls rock. Never tried this one but it's going on the Santa list now! xx

  9. you're lucky to have doggies!

    I really like the double gold look and that dress is spectacular! Love the neckline and colour.

  10. I love the dress. The side bows are so cute! I also really like the color of your gloss.

  11. Lovely makeup look! Very soft and glimmery and gorgeous! And I like that dress on you - kind of vavavoom, even if it does squish your boobs a bit.

  12. LOL to the dogs in the picture! I think it looks cute, anyway. The dress is awesome and your eyelashes look a million miles long with that little touch of black eyeliner!


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