Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Blogs that don't get enough lovin'

I've been a rubbish blogger and an even worse blog follower recently. I am so sorry, I've just  been busy with the business recently and a bit poorly and generally just a bit rubbish. I'm trying my best to get back in the saddle and reading all the posts I've missed.

By way of apology I thought I'd share some blogs I've either discovered recently or just really love that don't have as many followers as they should. Seriously, these blogs are all amazing and you should follow them all.

Firstly Ruth's Makeup 
Ruth is an absolutely fantstic makeup artist. She's not afraid to use colour and experiment but her looks are always immaculate and super classy. Check out her amazing Adventure Time looks!

If you've ever wondered about making your own nail polishes then this is the blog for you! It is an absolutely amazing source of infomation, with posts dedicated to supplies, techniques, reviews of polish bases, lists of what glitters do and don't work in polishes and more. It's, without a doubt, the best resource I've found about frankening polish. And if you're not interested in making your own then it's still worth a look for the pretty polishes she makes.

Eyegraffiti is a collab between two amazing bloggers. They post the most amazing eye and lip looks, I wish I had an ounce of their talent!

Mandy is just an allround great blogger, she posts lovelys faces, reviews, nails and various posts about her life in general. 
 Again, a lovely blog that is mainly beauty related but also shows some great fashion and other bits and bobs.

And last, but not least, Vulcan Butterfly
A fantastic blog for gothy, punky fun looks, and check out those mad eyeliner skillz!

What are some of your favourite blogs that you don't think get enough action?


  1. Yay! I love it when bloggers share links for blogs they love. Its such a great way to find newer blogs. I love Vulcan Butterfly! I always have to check out her fun looks!

    One of the blogs I don't think gets enough love is Sparkling Luna. She always does awesome looks!

  2. I love Ruthy and Vulcan Butterfly. I always look forward to their looks :3

  3. Yay for Vulcan Butterfly! I <3 her, too. She has interesting and awesome looks and is super sweet.

    One of my own favorite beauty bloggers is Larie of Eye Heart It. Her cartoon character recreations/inspirations alone keep me coming back (but that's just the beginning of her awesome)

  4. Hooray for EyeGraffiti and Vulcan Butterfly! I'm now a subscriber to Ruth's awesome blog.

  5. They are all awesome bloggers, love them :D

  6. Aww Lils you lovely, lovely thing! I'm so glad you like my blog and am beyond touched to be included here :) I'll be sure to check out the others you've recommended as you have such excellent taste ;) xxx

  7. Btw, check out my giveaway - not as spam but because the colours are so very you! I think you'd love the eyeliner in particular x

  8. Thanks! I haven't done much looking around for lovely eye looks recently and a lot of the people I used to follow in the early days don't post anymore. Great to have some new inspiration to look at. x

  9. Aww, you are so sweet! Thanks for including me in this post, you made my day! :3 And thanks for introducing me to some other great blogs, as well. :)

  10. Thank you so much for the link, I have a few new followers now! This is so nice of you to do, I really appreciate it :) Also, thanks for pointing out some new blogs, and as always, I adore yours!

  11. Great links! Here's one I follow regularly, she's amazing!

  12. well, lillian, you're so kind! thank you so much for the kindest of words! It really warms the heart!
    And btw, I'm looking forward to see you on the saddle and follow everything you're up to! And have a really nice xmas!


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