Sunday, 11 December 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

I enjoy a very secular Christmas with a good dash of materialism thown in, so I thought I'd share my christmas beauty wishlist with you. I've only included makeup and toilettries and it's nearly all gift sets because otherwise it would be the longest blog post in history!

You may notice there isn't much indie stuff in this list, the reason for that is I didn't want to be listing a load of individual colours and things. I'm surprised at the lack of gift sets form indie companies, I really think that would be a great idea for Christmas!

Anyway onto the stuff!

These nail polishes look gorgeous and right up my street, bright and glittery! They sell the entire library in larger bottles too, but I figure 5ml is enough when you get 28 polishes! :D

This stuff is crazy-cool, foils for your lips! Rainbowdar looks gorgeous, almost holographic with multichrome goodness, but what a stupid name :/

I rarely wear false eyelashes because I'm not too great at applying them but these ones are just so pretty and glamourous that I really want them! Also this comes with a free eyeliner.

I love Lush goodies, and their Christmas range is always fun and generally has a lot of yummy sweetie scented things.

I don't need tweezers, especially not ones that are this pricey... But they're so darn cute!

Usually I'm very hesitant to buy perfumes without trying them,  but this sounds delicious. Apparently the smell contains ' floral notes of rose and jasmine alongside fruity apple, peach, and raspberry and warming vanilla' yummmm! Sounds right up my street. And as with all Paul and Joe beauty stuff it's beautifully presented.

Again I actually haven't smelled this. I'm not certain I'll like it, but it sounds so interesting! And the main reason it's on the list is the bottle. It's one of the coolest, most beautiful bottles I've ever seen. The snail! *__*

I need a new pair of hair straighteners. I currently have an ancient pair of Nicky Clarke ones that are pretty useless. I don't really buy into the hype of GHDs and think they're really overpriced, but this set is so lovely! I love the Art Deco styling of the pouch and the bright red colour. 

These are just so cute! I have no idea what they'd look look like actually being worn, but I bet they're cool. 

I tested out this perfume a while back and it was love at first sniff. It smells of candy and toffee and cake and all things delicious, but it also has some kind of undelying smell that somehow takes away from it smelling solely edible and cuts the seetness so it's not cloying. It smells warm and delicious.

You can see there's lots of perfume on here, I'm on a perfume kick! at the moment!
Whats on your wishlists? :)


  1. Great stuff! Those Shimmer Twin Stars lashes are so cute!

  2. I want Nerd Lacquer sooooo baaaaaddddd. I picked out 10 that I wanna get after christmas. Even that list was hard to narrow down.

  3. Want all the things. I really want those GHDs as well.. they are very overpriced but I can use them one day and my hair is still straight the next day. And those star lashes! Eeee! maybe I could make some like it..

  4. Long time reader, first time commenter! Oooh thanks for your description of Prada Candy. I've been avoiding it like the plague (thinking it was your usual sweet, cloying, teenybopper scent) but it actually sounds ingriguing. I shouldn't have underestimated Prada so!

    Oh for there to be a Lush hatbox under the Christmas tree for me... *crosses fingers and toes*

  5. Nice picks, I would love jewellery this year, or Illamasqua gift cards/money to spend on Illamasqua :p

  6. Nerd Lacquer is on my list too!

  7. Good list! Some things on my wishlist:

    Illamasqua vegan make-up brush set with fancy pouch
    1930's round sunglasses
    thin striped over the knee socks
    twin vintage sock thigh garters
    Jean Harlow box set
    Tatty Devine Pierrot on moon brooch

    I doubt very highly I will recieve any of these but it's fun to dream!

  8. Rainbowdar is wow...something I have never seen before. Looks pretty cool though! I'd love to try it :D

  9. Oh my goodness, those foily lips are so neat. I want to try them out so bad! They look amazing!

  10. Oh, those lashes are killer! Both sets!

  11. OOOH! The STAR LASHES!! Those are so cool!

  12. I really want the Nerdlacquer set too! I recently just got some minis from them and have been loving them :) And OMG WANT THOSE STAR LASHES TOO

  13. love the eyelashes and lip foil hope you got what you wanted :D


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