Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sleek Skin Revive Fair/Light tester kit swatches

My keyb0ard has br0ken. Guess which key? :P It's very irritating s0  I've 0rdered a wh0le new lapt0p keyb0ard. Let's h0pe I can install it pr0perly!

Anyway A while back I b0ught this f0undati0n testing kit fr0m Sleek. It c0mes in 6 different types (Fair/Light, Light, Light/medium, Medium, Medium/Dark and Dark) I g0t the lightest which is Fair/Light. Each kit c0mes with 5 mini tubes 0f f0undati0n which c0ntain quite a gener0us am0unt 0f pr0duct. I've g0t at least 3 full-face applicati0ns fr0m each tube. They c0st £2.99. Anyway the p0int 0f these is t0 find 0ut which shade y0u are (Sleek makes a t0nne 0f shades but n0t all 0f them are available in sh0ps s0 y0u have t0 0rder them 0nline). This p0st is just t0 sh0w what these different shades l00k like 0n me, t0 help if y0u have a similar skint0ne t0 mine. It's n0t a pr0per review 0f the f0undati0n f0rmular, that'll c0me s00n :)

F0r reference here's my bare face:

And here are the five shades that Fair/Light c0mes with acr0ss my jaw:

Fr0m left-right: Shell, White R0se, Linen, 0atmeal, 0yster.

N0w s0me full face applicati0ns, in the same 0rder. It's pr0bably best t0 full-view these t0 see the differences m0re easily.


White R0se:




It's quite hard t0 actually tell the difference, especially as the light kept changing (damn sun!) But Shell and White R0se are t00 dark and yell0w f0r me. Linen, 0atmeal and 0yster are all pretty g00d but Linen is the cl0sest (even th0ugh it l00ks t00 pale when swatched 0n my jawline) 

Anyway I h0pe this was helpful!


  1. I love that Sleek do testers online. The cream ones comes in really useful little trays that I keep in my kit!

  2. Oooh, I had no idea that Sleek did testers like this, that's really wonderful. I think Linen is perfect on you, its nice more complanies are making truly pale foundation. :)

  3. Your skin looks fab without foundation :) .

    It made me lol seeing all the "0s" 'coz of your broken keyboard!!!

    I also like how it appears you're in your PJs in the pics :D

  4. LOL i love how you typed with all the '0's

  5. Sorry to be off topic but I couldn't stop laughing at the "0"'s in this post. H0pe y0ur lapt0p gets fixed s00n :)

  6. Great review! I think I wanna try it out since they seem like great products to try out.

  7. I would definitely say that Linen is the best match for you. Your skin is so fair, like Snow White :)

    xx Oona


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