Wednesday, 1 August 2012


 It's my 600th post! WOOO!

To celebrate behold this amazing giant bourbon biscuit from Costa:

You have no idea how delicious it was.

Right now onto the proper post!

Back in the early summer my jewellery company Callooh and Callay launched a new collection based around impossible/paradox images. Because we're a tiny company we can't afford fancy stuff like models so I had to pretend to be one myself. We wanted a sort of New Wave look and I did my best!


Do you think I succeeded?

I used  Illamasqua Skin Base in 02 in several layers to give me heavy coverage. I wanted my skin to look as flawless as possible to give a mask-like appearance. I highlighted the bridge of my nose, cheekbones and cupids bow with Tiara Chromalust by Sugarpill. To make the angular cheeks I just cut a triangle out of paper and used it as a stencil with Sugarpill Love + eyeshadow. Finally for the lips I mixed Sugarpill Chromalust in Goldilux (the best gold eyeshadow EVER!) with ELF Studio Makeup lock and Seal. I knew I was going to be wearing big 80s style sunglasses so I didn't bother with any eye makeup. When I took the glasses off the look was... strange:

Here's a close up of the lips. The colour was amazing but it felt very dry.

So that was my 600th post. It may have been underwhelming but at least I only just realised so there wasn't a big build up to it!


  1. Wow, that's such a cool idea for a jewellery collection. I've always loved Escher, illusions and mobius strips, so I'm saving my pennies for one of those necklaces!

    I love your look for the photos too! The gold lips are very cool. :)

  2. I love the collection, I need me all of its :D I love Goldilux on your lips! I wish Sugarpill made lip products.

  3. Sian:
    Thank you! It hasn't been a very popular collection which surprised me, I thought it was quite commercial :/
    I want to wear Goldilux on my lips again, it was so pretty. But it felt hella dry :(

    Aww thank you sugar tits. Sugarpill NEED to make lip products. Then I can give them ALL my money!

  4. I like your pretend modeling. Pretend some more please!

  5. You're adorable and I love that I've just discovered your blog! <3

  6. Wow, you look great :D The lip color was very nice! But I can imagine that it didn't feel very nice.

    Nea -Fashioned in Finland-

  7. Amy:
    I have no choice, I must model foreeeevvvveeerrrr... Or until we can afford to hire someone.

    Haley Ramirez:
    Aww you are too kind! Thank you so much!

    Thank you! I should try mixing it with lip gloss instead, it might not look the same but I bet it would feel a lot nicer!

  8. Thanks for the great post on your blog, it really gives me an insight on this topic.

  9. I personally love yourself and Claire as models on your site! I'm going to check out that new jewelry...


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