Sunday, 19 August 2012

Darling Girl Eyeshadow Review and swatches

Continuing my ongoing huge Darling Girl review  I've got a bunch of eyeshadows for you today!

 Darling Girl eyeshadows come in three sizes, samples (1/8 tsp in bags), petites (1/4 tsp in jars) and full size (3/4 tsp in jars) 

As I've never actually finished a shadow I only buy samples and petites, so I can't show you the full sized packaging:

Eyeshadow packaging is again simple and clear. Sample bags are labelled with the ingredients, name and whether or not they're lip safe. The jars do not have room for the ingredients, but they are on the website. Darling Girl is well known for making awesome taupe colours with a twist but they also have some great bright and dark colours!

In the following photos I am wearing Dasher on my bow bone, Jewelled Taupe on my lid and a touch of Rudolph in my crease. This was applied on a bare lid (no primer) 

Freshly applied: 

10 hours later

So as I hope you can see the shadows stayed amazingly well! There's a tiny bit of fading in the crease but other than that it looks the same as when it was first applied! The slight change in colour is due to the different lighting.

Swatches below the cut!


Unfortunately for you some from these first swatches were Gift with Purchase colours, which are discontinued)

Top Row: Lord of the Taupes, Persuasion (still available), Dragons Breath (still available), Monarch
Bottom Row: Jewelled Taupe (still available), Dark Ember (still available) , On-X (still available), Polaris, Honey Pot (still available)

The following swatches are from the Darling Deer Christmas collection.

Top Row: Blitzen, Comet (still available), Dasher
Bottom Row: Rudolph, Donner (still available), Cupid (still available)

The followings shadows are all from last years Darling Ghoul Halloween collection.

These first lot are all 'Spectral Shifts' which are sheer, multipurpose shades that make great highlighters

Top row: Ghost Light (still available), Corpse Candle (still available)
Bottom row: Will -o-wisp (still available), Apparition

Top Row: Witch and Famous, Bats in the Belfry (still available)
Bottom Row: Pretty Plasma (still available), Dream Scream, Thriller (still available)

Top Row: Crypt Keeper (still available), Scream Queen
Bottom Row: Pumpkin Eater (still available), Zombody to Love, Jack's Lantern (still available)

My favourite shades are Jewelled Taupe (a shimemry light taupe with pink, green and golden sparkle), Persuasion (an almost matte mauve with green and gold sparkle), Rudolph (a light fawn with red shift), Donner (a light dull yellow with blue sheen and sparkle), Zombody to Love (a navy blue with gold glitter) and Jacks Lantern (a black colour with an amazing pink/violet glow. It looks 'lit from within')

If there are any colours you'd like to see a look with, or any you'd like a full description of just leave a comment!


  1. Hey Lilian, I don't know if you have done this already but do you ever do heavily applied/dramatic eyeshadow looks? Can you show us how? I am so bad at it. Especially really dark colors. They smear everywhere on me.

    1. Hi! I don't tend to do very dramatic eye looks because I am lazy and find them difficult! However I do do them occaisionally and will definately do some soon for you :) I smear too, I just clean it up with makeup wipes :P

  2. I want your magic non-creasy eyelids, please!!!

    1. Ok, but you'll have to take my extreme sweatiness as part of the package!

  3. Oooh, I really like the spectral shifts! Very cool, especially that minty green one, Ghost Light. I'd love a look with that or any other green eyeshadows if you have time. Green is my favourite colour, but I can't seem to get it into a good make-up look.

    1. Sure, I'll do a look with Ghost Like and some other greens for you! :D I love green paired with pink, even both on the eyes or green eyes and bright pink lips.

  4. I like Zombody to Love, Pretty Plasma, Pumpkin Eater, and Jack's Lantern! Great swatches.

    1. Thank you! Jacks Lantern and Zombody to Love are such cool, unique colours. Luckilly I don't use them too much so I shouldn't use up the sample baggies too soon.

  5. All the colors are so pretty. I can't even pick a favorite!

  6. Glad to know it has awesome staying power! The colors are pretty :)

    1. I'm sure it would be better with primer too, I just never remember to use it!


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