Friday, 3 August 2012

Darling Girl Lip Products Reviews and Swatcharama!

Today I have some swatches and reviews of Darling Girl Cosmetics Lip Products.

They make several different lip products including lip balms, primer and of course colour cosmetics.

Packaging is simple but attractive:
Holo Gloss in a click pen, Kiss You Off Colour Rich Lip Balm in a tube, Liquid Kiss Luxe sample in Strawberry Fields Forever in a clam shell, Holo Gloss in a pot.

Reviews and swatches under the cut :)

Sugar'd Lip Scrub:


This is a sugar lip scrub in a lip balm style tube. You just apply it like a lip balm, massaging the sugar around your lips to scrub away dead skin, then wipe or lick away the sugar. It leaves a layer of moisturising oils on your lips so it acts like a lip balm too. I really love the way this makes my lips feel but I do have a problem with it. You can choose your flavour from a selection, I picked Passionfruit Rose (which doesn't seem to be available anymore) which I thought I would love but unfortunately I don't. The flavour/smell is really strong when you apply and it's too much for me. Also when you've licked off the sugar the oils left on my mouth taste bad to me. It might just be the flavour I picked or it might be the oils underneath, I'm not sure. However it does leave my lips feeling beautifully soft.

 Kiss You Off Colour Rich Lip Balms:

These are basically tinted lip balms that vary in opacity. They're smooth, creamy and easy to apply. However I don't find them as moisturising as the average lip balm. The colour tends to be buildable so you can wear it sheer or nearly opaque. They all have a nice glossy sheen.

The Pumpkin King (almost opaque orange with golden shimmer):

Wicked Game ( metallic pink purple with a hint of golden sparkle. From the Darling Ghoul halloween Collection):

Naughty Or Nice (sheer pinky purple with lots of sparkle. From the Christmas Collection):

Cookies for Claus (sheer brown red with lots of pink shimmer. From the Christmas Collection):

Devils Dance (almost opaque navy blue with the tiniest hint of violet duochrome. From the Darling Ghoul halloween Collection):

Liquid Kiss Luxe

I only had a sample of this so only got to wear it once. It's a really nice nearly opaque lip gloss. It doesn't feel at all sticky, is beautifully shiney and lasted fully for about 2 hours. After that it faded a little leaving a slight reddish stain.

Strawberry Fields Forever (pink red with golden shimmer. This colour doesn't seem to be available any more)

Lip Jelly:
This was a product only released at Halloween. It feels  very similar to the Liquid Kiss Luxe to me, not at all sticky. I couldn't really test wear time as it's just clear with lots of glitter. It's good to layer over lipsticks. It actually feels really nice and softening on the lips.

Ghouls Gone Wild (clear with a green hilite and multicoloured glitter):


These are my favourite Darling Girl product. They have a slightly thicker formula but are still not at all sticky and don't feel thick on the lip. They range in opacity from very sheer to nearly opaque but are all chock full of glitter! They come packaged in a click-pen but I tend to ask for mine in a pot and apply it with a lip brush, that way it's easier to make them opaque.

Planet X  (reddish brown semi sheer base with tonnes of duochrome shimmer that mainly goes from pink to blue. There's also a hint of yellow/gold):


Vampires Kiss (almost opaque black base with loads of bright pink glitter. From the Darling Ghoul halloween Collection):


Going Batty (dark base with green, gold and red sparkle. From the Darling Ghoul halloween Collection):

Bewitched (bright fuschia pink full of pink and blue sparkle. From the Darling Ghoul halloween Collection):

Poison Apple (clear base full of chartreuse glitter and a hint of red. From the Darling Ghoul halloween Collection):

Holly Jolly (nearly opaque bright red with green and gold glitter)

 Hope you liked the post! Which is your favourite colour?


  1. I always wondered about all the Darling Girl lip products, so this post was fab, thanks! I think my favourites have to be the hologlosses and Kiss of colour Rich Lip Balms!

  2. Going Barry - whoops! Going Batty! - looks awesome on you.

  3. Ooh, I love Planet X, Going Batty, and Poison Apple! They really stand out! Planet X and Going Batty remind me of TKB's Chameleon Fine mica, so maybe they wouldn't be too difficult to dupe...
    Speaking of dupes, have you seen that Inglot released six new blue lipsticks? I'm telling you because I read your Lime Crime lipstick review and remember reading that you were really lusting for a blue, quality lipstick as an alternative to Lime Crime's dry and expensive No She Didn't lipstick. If you still have that lipstick, do you think you could do a comparison between that and the closest match from Inglot? I'm really curious how it compares and I know you'd be impartial (as hard as it might be). Also, you're the only blogger I know of that has reviewed it well as opposed to just going on about the color and ignoring the quality.
    I hope you can do it, I'm really tempted to buy all six although I don't know if I'd ever really wear them :D

    --Former LC fan, longtime Funny Face lurker :)


  4. Wow! Those hologlosses are amazing!

  5. poison apple looks really interesting! But I also like the strawberry one.

  6. Midnight Violets:
    Aww I'm so glad I could help! The hologlosses are really amazing!

    They really are, they do loads of great products.

    :D thank yo!

    I know, I can't wait to wear it over a dark base, I bet it will look amazing!

    Hmm they're definately different from chamelon fine (I have that too) chameleon is basically a red-brown with green duochrome whereas Planet X has pink/blue/yellow sparkles and Going Batty has lots of different colours. But Planet X is still available anyway :)

    I did see that, I love Inglot so am definately going to be checking them out. But I'm afraid I can't tell you how close a dupe any of them might be as I don't have No She Didn't :( Sorry! But I have heard that Ka'oir and Secret Kisses both have really great dupes for all Lime Crime colours (it's rumoured that they're all made by the same company).
    However to be fair to Lime Crime they have apparently reformulated their lipsticks so they might not be the same quality as when I reviewed them. Doesn't stop them being a super shady company though! :P

    I know, so glittery! :D

    Sadly both of those are unavailable now :( But there's lots of other pretty colours!

  7. You look good in ANY color! Dang, girl!

  8. Ha ha thanks! :D Actually I look terrible in yellow, I can get away with a tiny bit on my eyes but I look terrible in yellow clothes.

  9. Vampires Kiss looks awesome on you!

  10. My favourites are Vampire's Kiss and Poison Apple. I still haven't tried DG yet, everything looks so tempting....


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