Saturday, 21 April 2012


 Ok who else hates the new blogger? I absolutely loathe it! I'm sure I'll get used to it but for now it's making me grumpy everytime I log on.

Here's a look I did the other day using my newly purchased (when they had an Easter sale) Illamasqua precision Ink in Scribe. I really like white eyeliner, it's not as classic as black but I still think it's flattering. It's really eyecatching, makes my eyes look super blue and my eyelashes look really long because of the contrast between the black mascara and white liner!

Face: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 01, ELF Studio HD powder, Sugarpill Dollipop eyeshadow (worn as blush)
Eyes: Darling Girl Cosmetics eyeshadows in Blitzen and Rudolph, Illamasqua Precision Ink eyeliner in Scribe, Black mascara (can't remember which), Illamasqua medium pencil in Vow
Lips: Conjurers Cosmetics lipstick (made by me :P)

What do you think, would you wear white eyeliner on your upper lids or just stick to the waterline? Do you think I look freakish or awesome?
A couple of funny faces under the cut :P

 Check out the lipstick stained chewing gum!


  1. Ugh, not liking the new blogger format either. I tried changing ahead of time so I could get used to it before being forced over, but it didn't help.

    Love the white liner. I definitely want to pick up Scribe at some point. I have a couple of white pencil liners, but I'm a liquid liner girl at heart.

  2. I'm with you, hate the new blogger! Love this look though! The white liner is awesome!

  3. I want Scribe so baaaadd. It looks awesome :)


  4. I haven't been brave enough to use my Scribe yet, but seeing how good it looks on you I might have to give it a whirl. :)

    You look fab, especially that lippy!

  5. I love white eyeliner! I think it looks awesome w/ neutralish shadows, black mascara and bolder lips, like how you did. :) I just have to be careful with it cuz it can make me look like a zombie, and not really in a cool way.

  6. OMG, grrl! I love this look on you! Scribe is amazing with your eyes and hair!

  7. That liner looks amazing on you! You're right about it making your eyes bluer. I doubt I could pull it off.

  8. I changed to 'new blogger' a while ago, purely to get used to it. Still not keen :| I do love this white liner on you though, tempted to try it! x

  9. lmaooo you are so cute :D I love the white liner! So hard to find a good one!
    New blogger angered me at first but I kinda have the hang of it now. I just have to keep flipping from "compose" to "html" a lot for pictures and spacing and junk.

  10. the new blogger is nauseating.. I don't like it at all! Not as tidy and put together but I' sure I'll eventually get used to it as all these things usually go.

    Amazing look!

  11. I am a BIG fan of that white eyeliner on you!! It looks awesome with your dark hair and lovely porcelain skin!


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