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Me Me Me Goddess Eye kit from

  A little while ago I was contacted by the lovely Joanna from Find Me A Gift who offered to send me one of their makeup gifts to review. I chose this, the Goddess Eye Makeup Gift Box from Me Me Me. Find Me A Gift is an online shop that specialises in all sorts of presents for everyone including lots of silly novelty things as well as luxurious items and days out. Their makeup section isn't extensive but they do have The Balm products which can be hard to find in the UK and some Me Me Me gift sets I've not seen anywhere else.

Anyway as this was sent to me I can't really review the website so I'll just be discussing the Me Me Me set.

The Goddess gift Box comes with an Eye Inspire Baked Eyeshadow Quad, Fat Cat mascara (black), Eye Sweep liquid eyeliner (black), Eye Line pencil eyeliner (in Coal) and a little 'get the look' flyer.




As you can see it's packaged in a simple black box. It did have a little wrapper thing (you can see it in the item link) with the same picture as on the flyer but you have to take it off to open the box and so of course I immediately lost it. It would be nicer to have a more decorative box as it's a gift set but it's not really a big deal. The box is nice and solid and hardy, mae of heavy cardboard and closing with magnets.  

The get-the-look flyer wasn't a particularly useful addition. While the look itself is very nice the instructions are a bit lacking.  Basically all the steps are the same, just saying to put the colours across the lid and under the lashline without going into detail. Also the colours in the quad aren't labeled with named but the look sheet refers to them ('Cream' is easy to work out but it's hard to tell which colour is meant to be 'Light Gold', 'Bronze' and 'Rich Copper' without being told). But again this isn't a big deal at all, it's easy to think how to use the set because the colours all compliment each other well.


Here is the quad. As you can see it contains 3 complimenting metallic goldy/bronzy colours and a cream which has golden tones too. Sometimes I find baked shadows to be dry and hard to get decent pigmentation from but these were lovely and creamy. The cream colour was ever so slightly chalky but not badly. All the colours are lovely and soft and blendable. But the quad itself is quite small and as all four colours are baked in a pan I found it hard sometimes to get my brush in without picking up more than one colour at a time.


The Eye Line pencil is soft and creamy and a very deep black. I don't tend to use pencil eyeliners except on my waterline (I just prefer liquid liners) so that's how I tested it. It is not smudgeproof but I found it very long lasting. After about 8 hours the colour had faded a little but was still clearly visible.


The Eye Sweep liquid eyeliner is really fantastic! I've tried many pen style eyeliners before and never liked them, they always seem really dry and I often find the colour dries down slightly grey. This one however is lovely.  The liquid flows easily out of the tip and you can run it really smoothly across your eyelid. It dries down to a very pigmented black. The felt nib is just the right size, not too big, not too small and you can make both thin and thick lines with it.

Top: Eye Line - Bottom: Eye Sweep (one stroke of each)

Finally the Fat Cat mascara. This was a bit of a let down to be honest. Firstly it smells very very strongly and the smell isn't very pleasant. It's like a very chemically, synthetic orange smell. You don't notice it when you're wearing it thankfully but I found it off putting when I was applying it. It's also a very dry formula, which I find hard to apply properly. And I wasn't very impressed with the look it gives my lashes, I want the biggest, thickest lashes possible and this doesn't give me them. However on the plus side it didn't flake or clump and gave good definition. I'd think this would be a good daytime mascara for people who want natural looking lashes that are just a bit darker and thicker than their naked lashes.


My naked lashes 


With 3 coats of the mascara.
You can see it's lengthened my lashes a bit and they're obviously darker but there's very little volumisation (which this mascara specifically boasts) and I'd prefer more length.

Here are some photos of a look I made using everything in the set:

All in all I think this is a really nice gift set. It contains everything you might need for a lovely eye look. I really love the Eye Sweep and the eyeshadow quad has some great complimentary colours. I could imagine making a nice bronze smokey eye with it too. The only disappointment was the mascara, but again it's not terrible and people who like natural looking lashes will probably like it (if they can cope with the smell). I think for £14 this is a great gift set and would be particularly good for someone just getting into makeup as it contains a nice set of basic and essential eye products and the colours aren't too scary or out there.

 *I was sent this for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. Lillian you look beautiful! Especially in the photo second from bottom - very eye-catching and theatrical look you've got going on!

    Glad to see you back blogging and hearing that your mum's okay, etc.

  2. LOVE the makeup so much! =)

  3. This looks great, especially with that awesome red lippie!

  4. WHIT-WOOO! You look gorgeous!!!

  5. You look so awesome with dark hair, it contrasts with your light skin and blue eyes in such a neat way!

  6. OMFG, Lillian! That first face pic is SO piercing and gorgeous! Ooooooh, pretty!

  7. Has anyone ever told you you look like the black dahlia? you have beutiful milky skin and dark hair. loves!


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