Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

So it's Easter. I have another bloody cold but it's not stopping me eating my weight (which is weighty) in chocolate, for it is the law. 

I've been trying to get some looks done with products I need to review but unfortunately I have a giant, foul spot right next to my mouth, which is also chapped and red and sore from the cold (also my nose is all dry and flaky) so I look like I have some horrible disease. Niccceee.

Instead here's a look from a couple of weeks ago when I went to my friend Mikey's art exhibition (Bonus fun story: It was at the university he teaches it but he gave us the wrong name of the gallery and no indication of what building it was in. Claire and I wandered around the campus aimlessly with her asking students for directions to a gallery that didn't exist and me becoming more and more anxious. Then when we finally found it we appeared to be the only people who turned up who weren't students at the college. Oh the embarrassment. But then we had a nice time chatting with him). The look has absolutely nothing to do with Easter and I can't remember what I was wearing (except Inglot gel eyeliner in 79) so sue me! :P

Return of the funny face!

Now I love this outfit, I think it's so cute. But it's probably one of the least flattering things I could wear. The shorts fit me fine but really emphasize my belly and the top is both too small (at the tits where it gapes) and too big (at the waist which billows out makes me look less curvy than I actually am) But I don't care, I love my poodle top! It makes me feel like a 50s bad girl :D

Top: H by Henry Holland
Shorts: Primark
Tights: Basic black ones from anywhere.
Boots: Dr Martens

Hope you had either a spiritually fulfilling holiday or a happy secular celebration or chocolate or just a nice sunday wherever you are :)


  1. The red eye liner is excellent. I have that one and clearly don't use it enough (or as well as you have). Perfect!

  2. Happy Easter Lillian! Eff the whole concept of 'flattering', you clearly love it and I think you look fab in that outfit. I want those shorts for myself!

  3. Red lips AND liner and poodles? YES.

  4. I would literally wear a burlap bag if I liked it. I've also had things that fit me great that didn't make me "happy" and it showed. I think that outfit is cool! If it makes you happy then it's your style. And you could always sew the pucker...I may have done it before, maybe... :)

  5. Love the makeup! That liner is awesome! Hope you get to feeling better!

  6. That is one great top! And shorts are always right.

  7. Aww you look fab in that poodle top Lillian :)

  8. WOW, you can really rock the red eyeliner!! Cute outfit, those boots are fantastic!

  9. I love your outfit, you look great!!


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