Saturday, 1 October 2011

Things I want but cant afford - Clarisonic

Ahhh the Clarisonic. Quite possibly the ultimate thing I want but can't afford. Because, let's face it, it is ludicrously expensive. You're paying around £150 for a giant electric toothbrush! And, even if it was the most amazing cleansing tool in the entire world and could make my skin entirely flawless, I do not have hundreds of pounds to spend on face brushes.

And yet... I WANT IT!

I'm pathetically sucked in by it's claims of cleansing '6x more deeply', making your skin smoother, softer and able to absorb products better, reducing pores and fine lines, etc etc. Well actually half of my brain is, the naive, gullible half. The other half says 'it's a brush, not a miracle worker!'.

The thing is, I am terrible with my cleansing regime. In so much as, I don't have one. I use cleanser  to take my makeup off and also when I have a bath (which is NOT every day. Bathing every day = craziness in my mind :P) and exfoliate 1-2 times a week. I moisturise as often as possible, but only when I remember to do it.
Somehow my little mind is convinced that if I spend a stupid amount of money on this then I will feel obligated to use it twice a day as I am supposed to and that skincare ritual plus the glorious benefits of the Clarisonic will leave me with skin that glows like a Twilight vampire and is so soft kittens would be jealous!

I love the way it looks, so sleek and and pretty (I would get the pink version as I am a pathetic stereotype of a girl) and yet somehow also a little like a futuristic instrument of torture. I like the idea of tickling my face with its polishing little bristles. I also like to think I would experience a sense of smarmy smugness from owning such a luxury product.

But... yeah, £150? Not gonna happen.

(ps. Sorry for the lack of posts and comments recently, I've been busy with some illustrations and a bit poorly. Nothing serious, I just feel tired all the damn time :( )


  1. I have one and I love it. For a long time I fought the temptation and did not get it but finally that side of the brain that does not listen to reason won and I am glad it did. My skin does feel a lot better and looks better. I do not use it twice a day, I think that is over kill. I only use it at night after I remove my make-up.

  2. It's expensive, but it works. My skin feels so much better, and it's helped keep my rosacea calm by using it once a day. When I'm lazy and skip it, my skin doesn't feel as smooth.

    How about putting it on a birthday/holiday wish list? Instead of friends/family struggling to get you the perfect gift, they could all chip in a little bit?

  3. Me too, I think it sounds amazing but I just can't justify the price tag!

  4. Have you considered the Skinsonic? It has the same sonic technology and it costs about $50. I too yearn for a Clarisonic but it is so damn pricey!!! :( I think I might get a Skinsonic if the Clarisonics don't get cheaper for Black Friday.

  5. I got mine last year, but I got a mia, in lavender and it was on offer, so it cost me around £85 including shipping, which I thought considering the normal price here, was a bit of a deal! I do love it, and it has made a difference in my skin, but I don't think it works miracles xx

  6. I have my clarisonic for almost 2 years now and I have to say it's been a MIRACLE on my skin. It might be a combination of not being in such a humid place all the time plus the clarisonic, but I hardy have blackheads anymore, and it's great in helping remove makeup even if I have used a makeup wipe (the foam comes out with a light tinge of my foundation). If you want a clarisonic for cheaper, you might want to look into getting one on ebay. I got mine there for a pretty good price.

  7. Dissolved Girl:
    Ha ha ha! I know the non-reason part of my brain would win if I actually ever had that much disposable cash :D Good to know it actually works!

    Well it's around that.

    Oh that sounds great then! I hadn't heard that it helped rosacea. I've decided to just get a cheaper alternative, I'm hoping it'll improve my skin a bit :)

    I'd probably find a way to justify it if I actually had the money! :P

    I hadn't heard of the Skinsonic, thank you! I'm thinking about getting Sigma's copy of it.

    That is a good deal, well done! I have alright skin but just think it could be better. But... I don't care enough to spend that much money :P Lavender sounds nice!

    Wow that's great! I have generally good skin, but some congested areas around my nose which are hard to exfoliate properly, I'm hoping something like this could make a difference :)


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