Thursday, 13 October 2011

A thing I want and CAN afford!

So a couple of weeks ago I was whinging about wanting a Clarisonic but not being able/willing to pay or it. According to your comments it seems like it really can so wonders to the skin, and that meant me long for one even more! Thank you to S who suggested a cheaper alternative, the Skinsonic and reminded me of something I'd seen before - The Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool

Ahh the beauty of cheap knock-offs! 

The Sigma version is not exactly the same as the original Clarisonic, it doesn't have a charger (instead it just uses AA batteries), it doesn't do the clever beeping to tell you when to move onto another area of your face, and I'm sure there are other differences. However it is basically the same thing, a spinning brush for deep down cleansing and exfoliation. It has 2 speed settings and comes with 3 different brush heads, soft, medium and hard, and a little case to keep it all in.
And the best thing, it's just $49!

For me I think it's just about right. The price is great so even if it doesn't make a huge difference to my skin it won't be too big a waste of money, I don't care about the lack of charger or other features and, feebly, most importantly: I love the way it looks! Lookit the pretty pink brush head and the lovely retro style box it comes in! 

Sigma's international shipping prices seem a bit overpriced ($19 for just this :/ ) so I'll probably be annoying my American buddies for a CP :P


  1. I keep on hearing the wonderful things Clarisonic does for skin, but I simply can't afford it either. Whenever I do get some money I'll have to look into those alternatives.

  2. Oh wow, thanks for posting about this! I'm actually considering this now - I just couldn't justify the clarisonic. x

  3. See, I had something quite similar a few years back, a wee cheapo one, but I never used it. In saying that, I wasn't as careful with skin care as I am now, so maybe I'd use it more these days! I'll see if Boots do a gift set one for Christmas before I part with my pennies online :)

  4. Kiwi:
    Good plan, cheap alternatives are the way to go! I'm not sure I believe all the magic it's supposed to do but I want one anyway!

    Aww you're welcome! I think it sounds like a really good alternative personally, I'm the same, even if the Clarisonic was absolutel worth every penny I couldn't justify the expense.

    Ah that's a good idea! I'm feebly swayed by the cute packaging of the Sigma. I fear I won't use it either, which is why I haven't got one yet, but I'm hoping if I do get one I can MAKE myself use it :P


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