Sunday, 2 October 2011

Just a little chat

Hmm it seems that I completely forgot my blogs second birthday, which was in August. Man I'm useless :P
However I'm at 748 followers now, what's say we have a little giveaway when I get to 750? :)

I've just lowered a lot of prices in my blog sale (want this stuff outta my house so lots are now between 50p - £2) take a looksee here

And as I said in my last post, Ive been very busy and poorly and stressy recently which is why my blog hasn't been getting the love it deserves in the last couple of weeks. I've made a list of my planned posts in the tab at the top of my blog to remind myself and let you know what's coming up. If there's something there you'd like asap tell me and I'll put it to the top of my list, or if there's another post you'd like me to do (seen a product I've worn you'd like a review of? Want some swatches? Got a question? Etc etc) leave me a comment and I'll stick it in the tab too :)

And just a little tip for UK dwellers - The co-op own brand 'irresistable'  triple chocolate cookies from the bakery section are AMAZING!


  1. Yayyyy! Congratulations on "your" second birthday!

    How exciting :D

  2. Please don't talk about cookies... too late, now I want some. One ticket to the UK please!

  3. I guess I'll be follower #750... Just taking the occasion to congratulate you for your blog, I really enjoy reading it and whished there were more posts... However I really prefer quality over quantity: keep your pace!

  4. Congrats on your second blog birthday! :) I've missed all of mine haha

  5. Snarky P:
    Thank you! I hope I'll actually remember my third :P

    Ha ha! I'm sorry, but they are really REALLY good cookies :P

    Aww thank you! I hope I'll be posting more frequently in the future!

    Thank you lovely!

    I missed the first one too! :P


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