Monday, 24 October 2011

Outfit - Lotta pixies?

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the lack of posting and commenting, I've been a bit stressed and miserable lately for various reasons and also trying my best to get my house slightly tidier because if I don't my Mum is going to have a complete mental breakdown :P
But on the plus side I nearly have all my Christmas presents bought already. Awww yeah, I'm annoying!
A couple of weeks ago I went for a boogie with my sister and wore a new dress which I love:



The dress is by Lipsy from their Pixie Lott range (Claire informed me she's a singer but I have no idea who she is... I'm so out of the loop!) and I love it. I look a little bit uhh... lumpy in it, but I don't mind, and also it's a size 14 which confuses me as I am in no way, shape or form a size 14!
The little hat thing was from Asos about 2 years ago. Thinking about it now I haven't seen it since that night, I hope I didn't lose it in my silliness D:!

I really, REALLY need to find a less revolting place to take outfit photos, but the lighting in my house is appalling.

Because I was a 'little bit' drunk I didn't get any non-blurry photos of my face. Here's the best one:

You can see it wasn't that exciting anyway.

Face: Illamasqua Skin base in 02, face powder
Eyes:  Black mascara, black liquid eyeliner, Makeup Store glitter eyeliner in Holiday Glam
Lips: Mac Kanga Rouge, Mac Cherry Lipliner

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway! Winners will be announced soon :)

Some stupid photos under the break


  1. You look absolutely lovely! And you have the most beautiful lips ever.

  2. The tights! The hat! The dress!

  3. That dress is fabulous! You look great!

  4. You look super gorgeous. Your eyeliner skills make me want to practice with my liquid eyeliner more. :)

  5. Rarrr you look gorgeous, Lillian.
    And YAY you've finished xmas shopping - now you've said that, I don't feel too early starting mine! :DD xxxxxxxx

  6. you look stunning! I love your whole outfit and especially those heart tights <3


  7. Those dress and tights are so awesome. I love them!!

  8. Oh Lillian, gorgeous as always! And the Dame Edna lippie has the Kitty Lovett Tick of Approval. (I'm australian, so I grew up with Dame Edna on TV, saying "hello possums!" so if I could get my hands on the MAC collection....ohhhh my.)

  9. You have such a fantastic style! You look so of the era. The textures are lovely =)

  10. Ooooh! So fancy. I wanna go out dancing, too! (ps Pixie Lott irritates me but that is one sweet dress) xx

  11. I love everything about that dress! I wonder if they sell it in Canada.

  12. Jessi M:
    Oh you flatterer! <3

    :D Glad you approve!

    Thank you! I love it :)

    Thank you so much! I'm quite good at applying liner but am absolutely rubbish at getting the wings even!

    Awww thank you beautiful! <3
    I'm not quite finished, but only have a few bits to get now! >:D

    Thank you! I can't remember where the tights are from but I think you can get very similar ones easily :)

    Thank you, I thought it was a nice outfit :)

    Kitty Lovett:
    :D I LOVE Dame Edna (seeing her in panto this year) I have all the lipsticks from her collection. It was one of the nicest Mac collections ever, so fun and bright!

    Awww cheers, that's so nice! What era would I belong to though? :D

    I love dancing! I go very infrequently because I'm so shy but when I do (and i'm drunk :P ) I'm a dancing machine! I still haven't heard her music or seen anything she'd said but she looks annoying from a photo I've seen :P But yeah, great clothes in her collection!

    It's really nice. They might ship to canada, I'm not sure I'm afraid.

  13. GREAT PHOTOS! You have so much personality! I really love the dress, especially the little parts coming up towards the neckline in the chest area! Also, I've said it before but I'll say it again, Kanga Rouge looks great on you!!

  14. I wish I could pull off dressing as outlandishly as you :( You look amazing! x

  15. I think some kind of 20's/30's showgirl lady!

    I admit I'm pretty shady on those decades sometimes, sometimes most things pre 50's kind of blend together in my mind!

    Oh, and the futuristic time travelling 2000's of course!

  16. HOT!!! That dress is fantastic! And looks amazing on you!!!


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