Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tiger Lillies

A while back (I'm slowly catching up and posting all the looks I've done in the last... year -__-) I went to see one of my favourite bands  The Tiger Lillies. I dressed up nice, have a look-see :)

Face: Illamasqua Skin base in 02, Sleek blush by 3 in Guipere
Eyes: Illamasqua Berber pure pigment, a colour from the MUA Heaven and Earth palette on my browbone, Illamasqua Precision Ink liquid Eyeliner in Abyss, black mascara, black pencil eyeliner
Lips: Mac Russian Red

And my outfit. I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses EVER :)

Hat: Asos
Cardigan: Beth Ditto at Evans
Dress: Handmade by Claire <3 p="p">
Tights: Les Quelles des sardines
Shoes: Clarks (super comfy!)

So as you can see I'm wearing Illamasqua here. I assume everyone has seen the drama surrounding their Christmas adverts. I've been trying to keep away from talking about drama on my blog as for a while it seemed like all I did :P But my feelings about it are quite long and complicated. Long story short I think what they did was very disappointing but not unforgivable and I will be continuing to buy from them and use their products. Because of this I thought perhaps people might want to hear the more lengthy explanation of my thoughts and feelings. Let me know in the comments :)


  1. Adorable!! Love the dress on you :)

  2. You look ADORABLE. I love the hat, the dress, the tights, everything! I agree with you on Illamasqua - what they did was wrong and I'm sad they dealt with it the way they did. I'll still continue to support them - I'm mostly annoyed that so many people don't see that was even a *potential* issue!

  3. I love your pale porcelain doll skin *envy* Very Tim Burton-esque :)xx

  4. Love it! I adore how quirky your style is, it's so refreshingly unique. :)

  5. Gorgeous dress, but I think your tights are the star here! What an amazing print! :)

    Your hat and necklace are too cute as well.

  6. OMG I love your thights, they're great =D see you around

    feel free to visit

  7. You look like something right out of a Tim Burton movie, so cute!
    Also, I have no idea about the Illamasqua drama? I must be out of the loop :P

    Good Morning Angel.

  8. Oh lordy you are utterly SPECTACULAR!!! Every. Single. Thing. Simply amazing from top to toe! Your wee hat, the eye makeup, croc necklace, cardi and tights with your beautiful, favourite frock - oh so gorgeous! I think you need to make those gorgeous pics bigger, you're too lovely to hide away:) xoxo

  9. I ADORE the makeup, and the outfit, and especially the dress! So envious! You look PHENOMENAL! And yay for the Tiger Lillies!

  10. Gorgeous eye look! I was going to guess you used NARS California, but I was clearly wrong! :)

  11. I was wondering if you were going to comment on the Illamasqua clusterfuck. It's really disappointing that nobody took a step back and said "hey, guys, maybe we shouldn't do this one because it could easily come off as racist". I doubt they did it on purpose but the fact that they didn't think it would be hurtful is almost worse. Embarrassing for those of us that support the brand.

    Any way, the orange look is great. Such a cute hat too.

  12. There something ethereal about your taste !!! Quite infectious I must say!

  13. I love the orange eye makeup! WOW, that dress is handmade? Nicely done, Claire!

  14. hehe Tiger Lillies, fun. The orange looks so pretty, and you've got furry cute legs :D

  15. I'm (kind of) surprised you're still supporting Illamasqua since they did pretty much the same thing Xenia did earlier this year when she released the Chinadoll palette, and they even had a response to the controversy similar to Xenia's which was basically shrugging off people's complaints. I get why people who were upset over Mac's Rodarte collection still support them; because the company listened to their customers and apologized rather than trying to invalidate their feelings over the issue with a patronizing "I'm sorry you feel that way" response.

    But I guess that in a way, I shouldn't be surprised that a lot of people who bashed Xenia are keeping quiet about the Illamasqua controversy. I'm sure that if it had been another indie or less liked brand, people would still be voicing their protests instead of using the most petty of reasons* to continue to support the brand. Like Lime Crime, Illamasqua has had some pretty nice collections in the past with beautiful adverts, but it's sad that some companies would rather substitute originality and creativity with derivative and offensive material all for the sake of being edgy and not caring about who's feelings they might hurt (all while denying it).

    *It seems to me that a lot of people will continue to support Illamasqua ONLY because they happen to make a particular foundation shade or product, and some even openly admit it. I don't care if people do or don't support shady brands, but if they are going to bash other brands/people for pulling similar stunts, they should at least have their convictions in order so that they won't reek of hypocrisy. Otherwise, why even bother getting upset over anything at all?

    I look forward to a post on the issue if you choose to write one.

    1. I think you really need to further your explanation about Illamasqua, Lillian. I love your blog and appreciate all your indie reviews and cute styles, but I can't digest your further support of a company who unforgivably posts painful and derogatory images.

      I really think Xenia, being such a small company created the China Doll campaign out of ignorance. The fact that she couldn't even get proper stereotypes right probably admits that she's just working off of vain pop culture images and vapid illusions of the "orient."

      I think Illamasqua was being direct in their message of racism. Perhaps it was the bow tie, or maybe the BLACK FACE PAINT on a WHITE PERSON, or that hysterically bad mush of peach cream lipstick on the poor model. Either way its too close for comfort and if it was a true mistake then Illamasqua would have been shocked at the coincidence and taken down the offensive image. Its quite disgusting when you see black women commenting on the image and quite clearly saying its hurtful only to get the company complaining about the "cynicism."

      Xenia and Illamasqua are pathetic and will never see a dollar from me. I may be missing out on Illamasqua's amazing line, but at least I'll be consistent.

    2. (Previous anonymous commenter)
      I second that! I've never tried any Illamasqua products and since they often receive such rave reviews, I was really tempted to buy several things; also because their adverts were quite nice and right up my alley. But now, I'm glad I never bought anything. Lime Crime's Chinadoll advert coupled with Xenia's response to the controversy was the last straw for me. I'm not of Asian or African descent, but I sure as hell am not about to turn a blind eye to "artsy" racism because I might miss out on a pretty lipstick. I don't even feel bummed that I won't get to try the Illamasqua products I had my eye on because I feel good knowing that I'm not a hypocrite and that my money has not and will not support that type of garbage.

      Xenia and the folks at Illamasqua can f--k themselves. :)

  16. I used to love red/pink eyeliner too. Some people thought it looked weird but I think it really brings out the eyes. I think it looks great :)

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