Saturday, 8 December 2012

A trip to Brighton

Back in summer (ish...maybe even earlier) Claire and I took a day trip to Brighton which we like to do from time to time.

I know I'm wearing a homemade (conjurers cosmetics) lipstick and my eyebrows are a dark blue from the Sleek mattes V2 pallette.

We always head to The Mock Turtle which is our favourite tea shop. It's full of doilies and plates and brick-a-brack and reminds me of Madame Puddifoot's from Harry Potter. It also has awesome food.

Here I'm being super sexy and classy eating sugar cubes:

Plate halo!

Claire with tasty hot chocolate:

Me with my giant meringue:

We spent a while just lounging on the beach and taking loadsa photos of these two adorable puppies playing

We then went and had cupcakes at a little cupcake shop (yes, we seem to spend the majority of our day trips eating). I had an absolutely amazing chocolate orange one, I can't remember what Claire had and then we shared another which again I can't remember. I bet it was good though.

I found what I think is my perfect wedding dress!

We also tried our first Bubble teas! Claire had Taro tea with the traditional tapioca bubbles

I had passionfruit green tea with bursting strawberry bubbles.

Claire bought me Alfonso the anxiety shark! Here I am trying to do an impression of him

Then we went home and I reverted to my true form


  1. This makes me want to go to my favourite Mancunian tea shop. Its called Teacup and its fabulous. I love your red lipstick. Are you going to start seeling your handmade make-up at any point?

    1. I love tea shops, there aren't really any near me though :(
      At the moment I'm still learning and trying to perfect my makeup just for myself but in the future I would really love to sell it. However I'm not sure how practical it is, in the US where the majority of the indie sellers live you don't really need to do anything to set up shop but here to legally sell you need to do all sorts of safety assessments that cost money :/ Still I wouldn't rule it out, I just need to get my recipes perfect first! :)

  2. Lovely! I so badly want to go to The Mock Turtle now, it looks amazing.

    And I wish you would sell your makeup! Fingers crossed!

  3. Ahh sugarxube eating (I like the futuristic x typo) that takes me way back used to do that when I was little- you hav such a sweet tooth! All the cakes look amazing but too sweet for me, how cute is it tho.

    Nevr knew they made other bubbles- I need to experiance those strawberry bubbles yum- did you guys like the teas?

    Haha the form is no longer a myth!


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