Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Shame on you Sinful Colors!

This and this is absolutely appalling!
I'm lucky enough to have never had any of my images or content stolen (well as far as I'm aware!), apart from one time where someone uploaded some photos of my nail polish collection to the Models Own facebook page without my permission, but that is absolutely nothing compared to what has happened to The Swatchaholic and Swatch and Learn!

Other bloggers and ebay sellers nicking photos off blogs for their own purposes is bad enough but this, using bloggers photos to actually advertise a product (that isn't even being worn in the photo!) is just beyond the pale!

You can't really get Sinful Colors in the UK but if you could then I would be boycotting them! There's also a petition here but really there should be no need of a petition, I'm pretty sure what theyv've done is illegal. Or am I naive?
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  1. Holy sheet, that is insane! I can't believe that they've done that, and even the badly photoshopped manicure onto the model. Wow! I hope they both get some great compensation for it because that is such a naughty thing for a company to do!

  2. I am both shocked and not shocked at all at the same time. Its a shame what these companies will do.

  3. #
    Natalie Mulford:
    I know, it's just appalling! Both the bloggers have gone quiet recently so I'm hoping they're discussing a settlement or something.

    Nikki Apostolou:
    I'm sort of shocked that such a big company would do it, it was obvious someone was going to notice! Really stupid.


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