Sunday, 3 June 2012

Post from the future!

Hi everyone!
You know how I said on the last post that I'd have something more interesting than pictures of me next time? Well that was a complete lie!

My computer is being really slow (well the internet is due to my ludicrous number of tabs) so writing posts is a bit arduous at the moment... But! I have finally got my first smart phone! I'm writing this on the train to Waterloo...No wait now I'm on a bus!...Now I'm lying in bed! Woo it's the future!

Anyway I'm having fun playing with it and thought I'd share some photos I'd taken with its (rather good) camera. If you're interested my phone is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it's got 2 cameras a proper one with 5 megapixels and a front facing one which has 3 (I think).

Perry (we did his haircut ourselves!)

Perry's Mummy


Digbys Mummy!
(I got a fringe again, it looks super weird in the photo as it's all curled and flipped up. I could not be bothered to straighten it)
This was using the fronmt facing camera. It's not terrible as you can see but the colours are very inaccurate. My eyeshadow looks peachy but it was actually a baby pink.
Also wearing:
Face: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 02 (It almost covered up my horrible scab on my chin!), Illamasqua powder  blusher in
Eyes: Illamasqua medium pencil in Cane (on waterline), Sleek Ultra Mattes brights palette (Floss and Pucker), black mascara, Sleek Ulta Mattes darks palette (Ink on eyebrows)
Lips: Topshop Lipstick pencil in Rosa

My dress is much brighter in real life, it's absolutely eye-searingly neon. It's from Topshop Tall.

I can also doodle on my face, which is fun! 

Woot! Tell me exciting apps and things Android phones can do! :P


  1. I didn't realise that the camera was so good until you put the photos up here! That photo of Digby looks so high quality!

    And also, you look so lovely, even with the blue goatee, Daario. <3

  2. Tenderlovingclaire:
    It's weird seeing you comment here! :O

    Thank you!

    Thank you! It's so so bright in real life, I love it!

    Thank you Kathy <3


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