Sunday, 11 September 2011

My First Trip to Westfields OOTD and FOTD

About a week ago my Mum, sister Lyd, Claire and I went on a little expedition to Westfields. It was my first time ever going there. I really like it, I was worried because it's so popular but because it's so big it wasn't really crowded at all and it ended up being a really nice laid back day. I didn't buy much at all (I'll pop what I did get into a immense haul post that's coming up that will span about months :P) but had a lovely time looking around and eating ice cream and sitting in the comfy seats scattered around.

Here's what I wore:

When I get my photo taken I like to stand like Peter Pan. 

Here my skirt is puffed out so I look like I have a giant belly :P
Hat: Primark
Cardigan: H&M
Dress: New Look
Tights: dunno (they're just white opaque)
Shoes: Office

The hat didn't stay on long, sadly it's a tiny bit too big for my head. Basically as soon as I got off the tube and was walking the hundred or so yards to the shopping centre a large gust of wind blew it off and away. I had to run after it and actually shouted 'my hat!' like some feeble woman. My sister and I were disappointed no amazingly handsome and eccentric man reached the hat at the same time as me, and then our eyes would meet and so on like in films.

I felt like doing quite a soft, neutral look which isn't my usual thing. I liked it though and it was quick and easy, which is good for lazy ol' me.

Face: Illamasqua Skin Base foundation in 2 mixed with some moisturiser, can't remember my blush.
Eyes:  Ginger eye brow powder,  Geek Chic Cosmetics eyeshadows in Princess in Distress and The Imp, black mascara
Lips: ELF Studio Pout Perfector 

Oh also in my last post I mentioned that I really want a CP for some of the Wet n Wild On the Prowl polishes, but they're tricky to find as Wet n Wild seem to be sneaky buggers. If anyone in the US is also looking for them there's a really handy interactive map of sightings on Nouveau Cheap here. They also have one for the Dream Weavers collection :)


  1. Oooh, those lid colours are cute! Glad you liked Westfield, I loooove it there. Shopping centres ought to have sofas everywhere.

  2. You look so lovely there! Neutral makeup looks very pretty on you and dress is too cute too. Definitely something I'd wear.

  3. Loving the shoes, the combination of those shoes and the white tights is awesomesauce. :)

  4. That makeup is so flattering and natural on you. I dig the dress, too!

  5. The hat/eye/film thing? That's how I use to dream we'd meet all those years ago. What strange times they were...

    Sponsored by the irony that I was there last wednesday, but alas saw no damsels in hat-based distress! :S

  6. Love the outfit, and the makeup - so lovely!


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