Friday, 23 September 2011

Lynnderella - princess of polishes!

A while ago I ordered some polishes from Lynnderella. You may have heard of her, she's a fantastic frankener who, a few months ago, finally gave in and started selling her amazing glitter creations. I love the colours I got, particularly Connect the Dots, an amazing and completely unique black and white glitter polish.
Here is one coat over Illamasqua Jo'Mina.

It's just so amazing! Like instant nail art. It looks great over all colours of creme polish!

I also made a video about the polishes, you can see the other colours I got :)


Her shop only opens at certain times so she can handle the orders easily and it's actually about to open tonight! She only ships to the US at the moment (I got mine through Wendy) and there is a 5 bottle minimum order. Unfortunately this means I can't afford to buy any more right now :( But if you can you should get what you like while she's open!  Some of the Halloween collection are just gorgeous looking. Boo hoo!


  1. I loved that video, you're very calm and easy to listen to. I adore connect the dots, I've got a real case of green eyed monster over that one. :)

  2. So gorgeous! Reminds me of a Jackson Pollock artwork :).


  3. Ohhhhh, Lillian you're killing me!

  4. Brilliant! And I love how graphic the glitter is.

  5. 0_0 I wish to have them all!! Glittery goodness! <3

  6. You're wearing a High School Musical shirt? YOU ARE SO CUTE. XD

    dfasfdokaslkdjad must get Throwing Water into the Ocean, I think it's supposed to be a Lippmann Across the Universe dupe, but I think that's really similar to Lady Sings the Blues anyway.

  7. wow that is sooo cool! I wish I was that creative with nail polish

  8. looks amazing!
    for a split second I thought it was some crazy hi tech crackle polish!

  9. Love the nail art! I would totally fail if I tried to do that.


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