Saturday, 23 February 2013

50 things about me

Hullo. I've seen this doing the rounds recently, I think it started with the wonderful Charlotte of Lipglossiping, and thought I'd join in because I love writing lists like this and can't find my camera lead so proper blog posts are delayed :P
I must say it was very hard to think of 50 facts but here we go!

1. I can't ride a bicycle.
2. I once won a karaoke competition while drunk singing This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both of Us by Sparks.
3. I can stretch all my fingers backwards at a right angle from my palms. 
4. I couldn't blow bubblegum bubbles until I was 18. Now I love doing it.
5. My favourite colour is the pink of the pink snooker ball.
6. I've lived in London (specifically Merton) my whole life.
7. I have an odd voice. People from other countries usually get that I'm English but other English people often think I'm foreign or at least not a Londoner.
8. I have a fear of going underwater so am not a very strong swimmer.
9. I don't ever want children. I don't like them much and have a phobia of pregnancy. 
10. I absolutely love dancing. I'd like to take classes but I'm too shy.
11. I have a sort-of fear of rubbing flour and butter together.
12. I took German for GCSE instead of French. I can't really speak it at all anymore but I can sometimes translate it to English (I did this for Claire with Herr Lipp in the League of Gentlemen).
13. I collect Mickey Mouse ears and have about 30 pairs.
14. I have a lot of Monster High dolls and mini LaLaLoopsy's.
15. I really like watching bad bad films. Some favourites are Grease 2 (one of my favourite films!), Blood Feast 2, Absolute Beginners, Can't Stop the Music (the village people musical) and The Room.
16. The first gig I went to was part of Blur's Parklife tour when I was about 6.
17. I have a small heart shaped birthmark at the top of my left boob.
18. I have a yo-yo weight problem. I've been as small as a 14 on top 12 on bottom and as big as a 22/20 and everywhere in between.  
19. When I was a small child I wanted to be a lady Farmer like Sophie from the Dick King Smith books. 
20. I mush prefer drinking through a straw than the alternative.
21. I do practically all the cooking in my house.
22. I've been a vegetarian since I was about 8.
23. I'm attracted to skinny and slightly chubby men, I really don't like muscles. 
24. I spend a lot of time making up band names.
25. I have inexplicably managed to become friends with members of 2 of my favourite bands. Now I need to do the same with Ron and Russell Mael!
26. I'm in a band with one of them except we have only come up with our name.
27. When I was little I had a speech impediment that I just grew out of. I couldn't say 'k' sounds so 'duck and snake' became 'dut and snate' or 'l' sounds so 'Lillian' came out like 'Yeeyan'. And I had a lisp.
28. I really like computer games. Some of my favourites are Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy 9, The Sims, Just Dance, Skyrim, Arkham Asylum and various marios, sonics and Zeldas. 
29. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan.
30. My favourite artists include Peter Blake, Manet, Degas, Dr Seuss, Liselotte Eriksson and David Hockney. 
31. I can quote practically the whole of Labyrinth off by heart.
32. I have a small gap between my top front teeth. It used to be a lot bigger and I feel sad now it's so small.
33. My family basically never call me 'Lillian'. It's always 'Squill' or 'Squilly' or similar. 
34. I'm a very fussy eater. I mainly like Italian food and sweets.
35. I don't drink tea or coffee and rarely have fizzy drinks.
36. Possibly a result of this is that I'm a caffeine light weight. If I have a glass of Coke I won't be able to sleep for hours and hours.
37.  I can kick 5 feet in the air. I know this from practicing kicking the top of Claire's head.
38. I have severe social anxiety and depression and also general anxiety and agoraphobia.
39. I don't like being in the dark but find it much better if I close my eyes.
40. I am a huge cry-baby. Everything makes me cry. I even cry when I am really angry which makes arguments awful as people think I'm doing it on purpose.
41. I really like the idea of getting married and having a lovely wedding but I think I'd be too shy and anxious to walk and say my vows in front of people.
42. My Mum and Dad split up when I was a kid but never got divorced because they couldn't be bothered.
43. I have an extreme hatred for spirit mediums such as Colin Fry.
44. I have an obsession with David Bowie. I like doing an impression of him. At one point in my mind he was in the Bratz film.
45. I love Batman but wasn't keen on the Christopher Nolan films (Dark Knight was OK because Heath Ledger was amazing). I love the Tim Burton films, the animated series and The Brave and the Bold best and read the graphic novels but can't get into the actual comic books.
46. I am allergic to pineapple, Kiwi fruit and some sweet ingredient which is in Pear drops and green Jolly Ranchers. If I eat any of them I have breathing difficulties.
47.  As a child John Shuttleworth once threw me a chocolate bar as he feared I had missed my tea because I was watching his show.
48. I've never watched a James Bond film. I plan to see some soon though.
49. I met a Possum while on holiday in Florida and I'm sure he smiled at me.
50. I was dropped on my head just hours after I was born. Luckilly it was only onto a bed.

Where's my medieval knight?


  1. I watch The Room every time I have a hangover, laughter eases the pain. Loving this post so much.


    1. The sex scenes are so so horrible.
      Lisa loves you as a person, as a human-being.

  2. Amazing! though I don't condone kicking at the top of Claire's head!

    Must try my own...

    1. Don't worry, I haven't actually kicked her in the head, I just do it near her head :P


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