Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I'm a bad beauty blogger

 I photograph my makeup but then put it up months later and as a result completely forget what I've got on! As is the case here. I do know I'm wearing ELF Studio bottom lash mascara (which is fantastic! Full review to come), Illamasqua Medium pencil in Vow on my water line and Mac Superglass in Totally Bang (over a lip liner that I can't remember).
Sorry for being so crap! I wanted to post anyway because I thought It was a pretty look. 


And just to keep myself from getting too vain, here's a picture of Sir Digby attacking me with licks.

That's my true face everyone!


  1. Pretty lip-color! LOL, awwwww doggie kisses!

  2. Pretty lip-colour. I agree.

  3. Very pretty! I also never freakin' post my makeup until many months later, I never get around to things :(

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