Sunday, 1 August 2010

Final Mac + Rodarte Update

Once again i have only just got around to writing this when the information has been out for days, so you probably all know about it anyway... but still:
Mac are now going to donate ALL the profits from the collection to charity to try and help the women of Juarez and raise awareness of the problems there.
You can read more here
So we did it everyone!
It's nice to know that consumers can change things if they work hard enough and really care :)


  1. It's such great news! It's also fantastic to know that when everyone joins together as one voice a difference can be made! :)

  2. I signed the petition and I rarely sign petition. I'm grateful I randomly came to your blog and decided to follow. I know there are some who will still be offended since the initial marketing was horrid, but I for one, love when people try to fix their mistakes and make something good of it.

    I'm proud of bloggers like you and others who try and appeal to people's humanity. I will be both donating money to the women of Juarez (my aunt faced the same perils as many of these women when she worked in the factories in Juarez and I thank the stars she hasn't suffered a cruel fate as some of these other beautiful, hardworking, unfortunate women) and I will be supporting the collection, purchasing some items to show my appreciation for their decision.

  3. As a girl from the bordertown of Tijuana I can tell you I have never bought a MAC product because I tried it and it made me break out havent even tried a lipglass and now I can see the company in a different kind of light.

    The fact that there trying to make a terrible wrong an unselfish right is just that-right.
    Thank you for the caring everyone, especially the fact that MAC really heard complaints and took them to heart is wonderfull.

    At the end of the day a company is suppose to make money while keeping there customers happy and I will infact feel better about future (and first)purchases.

    Thank you Lillian for not only making yourself a blogger but a voice and a way of reasonable communication for all the rest of us.
    You definitely have a loyal reader in me.
    Hugs from Mexico- Wendy Arriaga.


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