Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Clowny Clown Clown

Saturday was David Bowie night at my favourite club, Feeling Gloomy. Bowie is one of my heroes, he's one of he biggest ponces ever to break onto the music scene. Anyway i dressed as a Pierrot ala Ashes to Ashes.

Makeup isn't that great as i was a little tipsy before i started it (and it would have looked a lot better if i had gotten around to bleaching my eyebrows, grr). Also i couldn't get any good photos of it, i did the old 'use blush to pretend one has cheekbones' trick :P

Face: Gosh foundation in Porcelain, Screenface White translucent powder, Illamasqua Powder blush in Sin
Eyes: Mac Gesso eyeshadow, Black Kryolan Aqua colour, Black mascara
Lips: Mac Russian Red

I'm sorry i still haven't replied to comments. I was away from blogger for a few days and then it took me another few days to get completely caught up on all of the entries i missed. I read absolutely every entry of the people i follow, i might not comment on them all but i will have read them all :) (by the way if you have a blog and would like me to follow please leave me a link. I can't promise i will follow because im already following about 290 blogs and you're only allowed 300 but i will look)

I need to do some reviews! Reviews are possibly my favourite thing to do on my blog but they also take the most time and effort and i've been too busy lately :( But i really am not pleased looking at my blogs front page and seeing only pictures of my big ol' face and grumpy rants.

Anyway here is a list of posts i have coming up (though it may take some time)
Haus Of Gloi review
Eccentric Cosmetics Review (this one is done but i need to do swatches and have managed to lost the products D: i know they're in the room but where??)
Second Sugarpill swatches and review
Bodyshop, Lush and Avon toilletry reviews
BFTE blush and eyeshadow reviews
And more

Also there has been a lot of ridiculous, sneaky, nasty stuff comitted by that damn Citrus Crook (you know who i mean) lately. I don't know if i should post it though. Is anyone still interested in her absolute ludicrousness? I know i still find it amazing, funny and just unbelievable but other people might think i am just petty and bitchy (which of course i am but i don't have to make anything up about her, it's amazing what she gets up to).


  1. I noticed a few Citrus Crook things, do it if you want - tbh its how I found your blog so I'm not going to complain.

    But anyway.... David Bowie night? A night? A whole night? Where is this club?!!!

  2. Ooo I love a good bit of gossip I'd love to read what's up. YAY! You are the only clown/mime person I could ever be able to stand. I'm frightened by clowns but I want to hug you. <3 <3

  3. You did such a great job with this look! By the way, I love looking at your blog's front page and seeing your "big ol' face"! :D xx

  4. Yay! You're back :) Love it. And Bowie too :)

  5. DAVID BOWIE... OMG. He's awesome. :) and you are gorgeous as always!

    Citrus Crook is really getting on my nerves, but at the same time I have to laugh at what she does. So go ahead, post on her and make me giggle. :)

    Also looking forward to those reviews.

  6. yay! i LOVE the insane eyebrow you have!

  7. I'd be lying if I said I don't love reading you dish on old Limey. Reviews are my favorite too, I'm excited to see yours :)


    I still enjoy reading about the Melon Felon's antics ;] especially since things seem to have been a bit quiet on that front lately!

  9. Citrus Crook, lol.

    CC needs to take a break and focus on what they're trying to do and not arguing over the net.

  10. I love your youtube channel and now your blog even more. FAN. Beautiful make up here, if a little tipsy tipsy :L xxx

  11. Wow! You look fantastic! You make a beautiful Bowie! Very jealous of the make up skills and fun night club! :)

  12. Citrus Crook, Melon Felon... oh, that's priceless. I have been absolutely itching to discuss her newest antics, but I only have about 20 followers so I don't see a point blogging about it myself.

    Glad to see you're back and happier! I love the clown look, it's perfect without being scary, if you know what I mean. I'm really interested in the Eccentric Cosmetics review :)

  13. melon felon, citrus crook hahahah, sweet!

    I love the clown look! Tipsy or not you look like you wanna punch someone in the face and there's nothin more awesome than an angry clown! :)

  14. You did an amazing job! My mom used to dress me up as Pierrot when I was a little girl (on carnival, I mean) and I really hated it.
    Not because it was an ugly costume (it's really lovely) but because it was sad, and other kids had cheering masks, and I wanted to have my cheer too :S I wasn't allowed to have much fun :(

  15. You look lovely, tipsy or not :)

    Ooh, of course we want to know! Although it's a bit evil to laugh at less fortunate people, I can't but laugh at her antics :)

  16. This look suits you so much! Looks slightly avant-garde-dark-cabaret-ish. Yes, I just invented some kind of genre...I think o_0

    Psh, post the Melon Felon stuff if you feel like it! I've been following it and I agree it's pretty lulzy.

    Actually, it's getting ridiculous how many people are still not suspicious. Even if I didn't know about all the *mumbles*, I would be highly put off by the idea of someone who claims to be the mastermind behind an innovative cosmetics line...yet doesn't know off the bat what's in her products (and so makes bad attempts at bullshitting and question-dodging), can't instantly tell you how much product you're getting (because that's up to the lab...why!?) and has suddenly added filler and preservatives after going on and on about how her products don't need it.

    For goodness' sake, people, do you know how many cosmetics companies there are out there who DO know what they're doing?

    ...there's my rant, anyway XD

  17. I've been noticing some shady things going on at said Citrus Crook's blog and business as well! I'd love to read what you have to say about it. She's rather hypocritical in all her actions compared to things she posts. I'm surprised there are so many people still believing in her, I feel sorry for them. I will never see her as anything else than a HUGE lie. She's an insult to the creative world, and to makeup companies. She says the thing that's different in the new eyeshadows is "higher quality pigments". umm WHAT?! That is ridiculousness. And she says things about improved slip and adhesion, but does not mention additives. And I bet she reads the TKB Trading forum, just a feeling

  18. yes we need some juice on that melon felon...I agree there's some crooky nonsense going on.
    Especially that uncalled for price hike. It's sad cos some new fans will buy into that crap.

  19. Wahhhh a David Bowie night sounds incredible! That club sounds fantastic! xo

  20. Lillian! Sorry to bother you on your blog, just wondering if you still wanted the purple lipstick from my blog sale? I added you on Twitter (I'm camieee) but I thought you might not get my tweet :)

  21. Ohh I am looking forward to that Haus of Gloi review and I would find it most amusing to hear about the that Sour Swindler.

  22. The look is fun. As for Citrus Crook, do it. Keeping tabs on this scam artist is a very good thing. The Examiner article's quotes can now be seen in their full glory. I just got to savor the brilliant moment when she was outed as the troll posting awful things about Shrinkle just when Sugarpill launched.

  23. I haven't dipped my toe into that particular imbroglio for quite a while. What's been happening lately? I'm almost afraid to go look, because the blatant attempts at manipulation will get me all riled up again.

    Then again, maybe a good headful of mad will help break my own pathetic little writers-block thingamajig. :D

    I'd love to be followed; but...well, when you hit the limit, you hit the limit. Ya know?

  24. I love that look! And i love David Bowie too, wih a club near me would have a Bowie night!

    Have you tried It a site that help you keep track of the blogs you redad and they don't have a limit on how many you can follow. (not that i know of anyway, and i follow A LOT of blogs :P)

    I'd love it if you'd have a look at my blog. It's in all in swedish at this poit, but I'd be glad to write in english too if i get international readers ;)

    I write about musik, clothes, creative things and second hand shopping, ans I'm also planning on posting some vegetarian recepies.

  25. Love it! Gonna reply to your comment here - do you have any of the Shiro eyeshadows yet? If not, you definitely should get some - they're beautiful! How much would you be thinking of selling the master kit for? x

  26. LOVE the makeup! You look great! Oh and I'm always up for a bit of Citrusy gossip!

  27. Please go ahead and bright light to the subject - especially about how she attempted to tarnish Temptalia's honest and objective approach to reviewing. How rude and defamatory!! (Irony to say the least..)


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