Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tomb of the Unknown beauty blogger

 Last Friday I went to the Grayson perry exhibition at the British Museum. It was the first time I've been there since an exhibit on Ancient Egypt caused me to have a long period of night terrors as a child. Luckilly I did not relapse :P The exhibition was great, I love a lot of Perry's work (especially pieces with lots of Alan Measles) and it was interesting to see it juxtaposed with real artifacts. But I got very stressed and panicked and it reminded me why I don't often go to art galleries. My Mum and Dad (yeah I went with my parents like a cool kid) loved it though so that was good.

Here's my face:

Face: Homemade powder foundation, Illamasqua powder blush (I'm pretty sure it is Hussy but the name has worn off)
Eyes: Illamasqua powder blush in Intrigue, Darling Girl Eyeshadows in Rudolph and Comet (The eyeliner is Comet foiled using ELF Makeup Lock and seal), Illamasqua Medium pencil in Vow on the waterline, Benefit They're Real mascara
Lips: Homemade lipgloss

It's Alan Measles' stunt double! :D

You guys are probably very bored of me apologising but I thought I'd just say pre-emptively that I might not be posting too frequently for the next month or so. I think I've mentioned before that I feel constantly exhausted feeling and it's getting worse and worse so I'm finally trying to get it sorted out with blood tests and doctors appointments and scary things like that :( I also have some stressful personal stuff coming up. So sorry for that, but I'll try my best to keep posting as it makes me feel better.


  1. I'm sure I've said so but I love your new dark hair.
    Grayson Perry is a legend!
    Do whatever you can to feel better, and then you'll be a better blogger for it anyway, right? Keep calm and carry make-up

  2. I LOVE YOUR DARK HAIR!! You look like Snow White :)

  3. Your homemade foundation makes your skin look amazing! I hope you start to feel better soon, it is hard to get anything done when you have no energy.

  4. Lillian, I laughed reading this because I went to that exhibit as a child too on a visit (I'm American) and it was one of the things I loved about London. Not scary at all to me! XD Well, maybe a little. I agree, your powder looks nice, maybe you will start a makeup line? :D And I hope you feel better, hopefully it's nothing serious and just a vitamin thing, good luck!

  5. This look is gorgeous. That lip colour is amazing.

  6. You look like a doll, and this makeup compliments you beautifully!
    I get nervous in big crowds now- so I'm thankful I'm not in a very populated area of the country *heh*

    Have your doctors checked you for Fibromyalgia? Because being tired and sore constantly are two BIG symptoms of it- and medications for it really, really do help.

  7. Awwh you look all sophisticated and elegant and girly and shit ^__^

    *hugs* Get well soon D:

  8. Lookin' gorgeous, as usual! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. I hope your doctors sort stuff out, and you start feeling better real soon!

    I looooooove that lipgloss! Great job, you!

    1. Wow! Your eyes is so cute. Thanks For Sharing us.


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