Thursday, 19 January 2012

Some posts you should read

Some rubbish stuff is going down in the makeup world at the moment, here's some posts I think are important to read:

I'm also having a big problem with an indie company I ordered from at the end of November. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon, if not watch this space.


To lighten things up, here's a picture of My Monster High Dolls making out:

Oh Lagoona, you're such a cad!


  1. Thank you for linking to my post :)

    Sigh I hope your issues with the company are worked now, November is a long time to wait for something =/

  2. Oh my God. I'm speechless and heartbroken right now. She was someone whose opinion I trusted a great deal. I keep waiting for someone to post that none of it is true, or for her to show up again on Twitter or something to at least explain herself.

    As for LC, all I can say is I'm not surprised. What bothers me more than her deliberate obtusery (Is "obtusery" a word? It should be!) are the fangirls - some of which I strongly suspect to be sockpuppet accounts - on FB that are either telling people:

    - Not to be offended, because they are Asian and not offended
    - To get over it
    - To stop questioning LC, period

    I don't get bothered and offended by what LC and co. do anymore, because by the time I'm done, I'm bothered and offended all over again. But what is really baffling are the people that white knight and apologize for her over and over again. It's frightening and sad.

  3. As soon as LC posted that picture I knew there would be trouble. It makes you wonder with all the time they had to have put into the campaign why someone else didn't catch it.

    I am so sad about Grey, I desperately want it to not be true. I had always though of her as above all of that.

  4. I'm no longer surprised by anything LameCrime does - because Xenia is so very solipsistic, that if she ever develops any self-awareness or mature behavior I think the universe may implode.

    Maybe that's why Grey got so hot under the collar and posted that lengthy post about Lime Crime, which Xenia later threatened to sue her unless she pulled it down: Grey/GinaSilva recognized someone else who was shearing the sheep, and was not only better at it than Grey, but was earning far more money.

    People are pissing me off this week. A lot.

  5. I have no clue what is going on with this Grey business. Someone explain it. I don't know if it's the fact I just woke up and boyfriend has yet to bring me back coffee, or that I have missed something vital, but someone please help here. ;-;

  6. The first link doesn't appear to work for me ): I'm really shocked at what 'Grey' did as it was all about money and attention seeking. I'm not really surprised at what LC did as Doe gets away with everything she does anyway. A few months ago she sent free makeup to some popular bloggers, and I was shocked to see them supporting her and saying how great LC is. Either they didn't do their research, or maybe they didn't care as long as the product was good? ):

    1. Try removing the extra space at the end of the address.

  7. Saucy minxes!

    Sigh at Lime Crime - even though I am not surprised. I'm not saying everyone should know everything about every culture, or even that they 100% should have used an Asian model, but if you're selling something as Chinese with a girl in a bloody Kimono... :| Yeah, people are going to be pissed. And China Doll means a DOLL MADE OUT OF CHINA. /endrant.

  8. Woah. The Lime Crime stuff, I'm used to but... Grey is not really Grey? Sort of wondered why a make-up artist would be so shy to show her face. Humph.

  9. I guess that's why Grey never really showed much of herself... still utterly shocking. I really enjoyed her blog, it was well written and helped me find a ton of great companies. I hope she will come out and explain herself.

    Doe has been all HURR DURR I'M CHINEZZZZ since she moved to LA to stalk Amy, not surprised at all!

  10. That grey business is just weird. Have no thoughts on that, just what?

    I'm really glad that the china doll thing is being concisely considered and complained about, it is pretty awful, the trouble with Doe's argument is that she doesn't seem to realise the issue is not with the character or realisation of her model but the fact that she has used several classic stereotypes as her core representation of this Chinese woman, thus pretty much all Chinese women because this is what Chinese women were fasely 'represented' as. It's rude that she has to leap to the idea the women must autmatically be percieved as being fragile and blushing because of 'innocence'! These symbols exhist throughout history and she should know they are offensive and cause hurt. I can't believe how much 'blackface' has been featured on tv and within the media today, it seems like the idea is people think it's so ridiculous and unrealistic that we should all laugh at it, sorry but no, you are still using old language that serves no different purpose than the original reason of it's origins- it is highly stupid and behind my contemplation- ridiculous.
    When I saw that picture, I was confused more than anything because I knew what I was looking at had Japanese influence but then I thought I must be wrong because the make up did fit the description, that is what poor research does!

    The dolls are funny, the randomosity does make a good detour. Your house always seems to be full of interesting things! Look at those fabrics!

  11. Can anyone explain the stuff about Grey to me? I'm waiting for a package from her, but the only link that works now is the LC one, the other two appear to have been taken down.

    I've emailed Grey twice but heard nothing :S

  12. Lillian, I think there's an extra space after the first link that makes it unclickable for everyone. I read that post a while back, and after checking my history, that post still seems to be up. :)

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