Monday, 31 August 2009

Mac Wishlist:
(just the permanents the pro and LE shades are to be wishlisted shortly :P this is from the website so i may not like things when i've tested them)

Prep and prime Face Protect SPF 50 (i love the idea of this, i used to apply factor 50 sunscreen everyday to protect me, but it was so greasy and horrid i stopped and now use nothing)
Dollymix blush

Beautiful Iris
Creme de violet
Electric eel (i've put off buying this for ages because i have jewel blue, but i find it's texture really hard to use, so i've not worn it in years!)
Expensive pink
Parfait Amour
Stars n Rockets
(i am desperarate for Vex and the other duochrome shades, i LOVE duochrome)
blackground paint pot

Desire lipglass
Sugarimmed dazzle glass
Love alert dazzle glass
Vegas Volt
Lady Danger

As you can see I'm particularly lusting after a lot of eyeshadows, particularly (what i would class as) neutral or pale colours. This is because for the past, perhaps, 6 months i have been really slack with my makeup. This is mainly because i just graduated. So in the months leading up to my graduation i was working my head off often in a blind panic. My college was only about a 5 minute walk from my house and as i was staying up late painting i would sleep for as long as possible in the mornings. So if i put on any makeup at all it would just be a coat of mascara and some lipstick. And since then i've been working from home, so apart from evenings out i've not had any real need to put my face on!

Before this time i would bascially never leave the house without makeup and loved playing with different looks. When i was about 14 i went crazy with multi-purpose makeup crayons and would have bizarre chalky blue and purple chess-board lips, and horribly applied thick red eyeliner fanning out from my eyes. I may have looked like a particularly ugly clown, but it was fun!

And since then i've kept that spirit of fun in my looks, though i like to think i've refined and honed my skills since then! So it seems a bit sad now i've run into a bit of a rut of red lips and plain eyes, so playing around with some nice new light eyeshadows might help me move onto the brighter, funner stuff again :)

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